Allegheny Health Network: Award winning healthcare, for all

Allegheny Health Network: Award winning healthcare, for all

Allegheny Health Network (AHN) has a simple mission, a commitment to providing Health for All. It is a mission that the company strives to achieve every day, delivering high quality care to its patients “each and every day.” This, is what the company describes as the “living proof” of the different it hopes to make in the lives of its patients and of the community spread across all of its hospitals throughout Pennsylvania.

As one of the largest healthcare systems serving Western PA, the company can be proud of the fact that a number of its hospitals are ranked #1 in the market for delivering the highest quality of care, according to the Quantros’ CareChez 2017 Hospital Quality Ratings.

This is no small feat and the organisation has not begun to rest on its laurels, rather, it has continued to strive to provide even better quality to even more patients.

Since its formation in 2013, Allegheny Health Network has grown to serve just under 30 Pennsylvania counties as well as portion of New York, Ohio and West Virginia. To break that down further, the company has more than 87,000 inpatient visits per year, with more than 87,000 annual discharges.

During this time, the company has seen revenue growth to reach more than $2.86bn, so the story of Allegheny Health Network seems to be one of continued growth and continued success.

The organisation’s growth shows no sign of slowing down.

 In October this year, the organisation announced that it had entered into a strategic joint venture, one that will see the construction of multiple new facilities across Pennyslvania.  Emerus is the nation’s “innovator of micro-hospital solutions”, partnering with leaders in health care whose passion and culture aligns with the company’s mission to provider high-end, turnkey operations.

The joint venture sees AHN be among the first health systems in the region to incorporate the Emerus neighbourhood hospital concept into its care delivery model. This concept sees hospitals typically range from 15,000 to 50,000 square feet and house multiple onsite clinical services, including an emergency department. 

What makes the hospital facilities different than any other standalone emergency departments is that they are fully licences hospitals that are open 24/7 and are able to accommodate patients who require hospital-based services.

This alliance fits perfectly into AHN’s core mission of providing healthcare for all.

“Hospitals and health systems across the country are seeking innovative solutions to providing patients and communities with not only better access to care, but a more efficient model of care delivery," said Craig Goguen, Emerus CEO. "We are excited to partner with AHN and Highmark Health to help them accomplish that goal in the greater Pittsburgh area by bringing our unique hospital concept to life for the many people who rely on AHN for their comprehensive health care needs."

AHN is a multi-award-winning healthcare organisation. It shouts it proudly on its website, but where others may assume this is just the company patting itself on the back this is supported by fact.  These awards aren’t for cost savings, or for business acumen, these awards are recognition of the provision of the highest quality of care to it patients. These awards, are proof that AHN can walk the walk as well as talk it.

Earlier this year, the West Pennsylvania Hospital under AHN’s network earned the Magnet Recognition for the third time in its history.

In order for an organisation to achieve Magnet Recognition it must pass a rigorous quality assurance check, one that requires demonstrable qualitive and quantitative evidence regarding the company’s patient care and outcomes.

To receive Magnet Recognition is to receive the nation’s most prestigious honour for nursing excellence.

“All of us at AHN congratulate West Penn Hospital’s nurses on this exceptional achievement,” said Claire Zangerle, Chief Nurse Executive, Allegheny Health Network.” West Penn Hospital nurses dedicate themselves every day to outstanding patient care, but their excellence extends far beyond the bedside. They are committed to advancing innovation in nursing care, improving quality measures and fostering a collaborative culture that engages staff in decision-making.”

The Magnet recognition was given based on three key qualities at the hospital; intelligent and distinguished nursing staff, exemplary nurse satisfaction scores and patient quality outcomes and improved patient satisfaction scores on measures such as the quietness of the hospital environment.

Much like its parent company, the West Penn hospital wont rest at simple recognition, even if said recognition makes West Penn among an elite group of just 8 percent of all hospitals in the United States to have won the recognition three times since 2006.

 “Our Magnet journey at West Penn does not end with this recognition,” said Jacqueline Collavo, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, West Penn Hospital. “As a Magnet nursing facility, we are working continuously to demonstrate best practices, to outperform national benchmarks, to think innovatively and demonstrate transformational leadership and a culture of safety and collaboration.”

AHN works as part of a wider integrated system within Highmark Health, an organisation that pools together the leading healthcare organisations throughout the United States. AHN, through Highmark Health, continues to remain committed to delivering the highest quality care that is accessible, understandable and affordable.

As the organisation continues to grow, this mission will always remain at the heart of what it does.

Just last month it announced that entered into an agreement with Warren General Hospital, Highmark Health and Lecom Health to raise money for capital improvements to the hospital.

These strategic partnerships and alliances are but two examples of how AHN will continue to seek new ways to provide healthcare for all.