Beasley Forest Products reaches success by providing excellent service and quality products

Beasley Forest Products reaches success by providing excellent service and quality products

Beasley forest Products started as a small logging company in the 1960s with only two employees, and since its establishment, the company has grown drastically.  Grant Beasley, Vice-President of Operations, explains that the company really began to grow in the 1990s when the company saw opportunity in the sawmill business and decided to switch gears from a logging company to the sawmill business.  Now, Beasley Forest Products is known to be the largest sawmill in the United States.  The company currently has four locations, the original mill being the largest sawmill in North America.  Beasley graduated from Charlestown Southern University with a degree in finance and got an MBA from the University of Georgia and following in the family footsteps, he started working for Beasley Forest Products straight out of college, running the crane mat division.


Strategic Investments


So how does Beasley Forest Products stay ahead of the competition?  The company strives to stay modern and embraces new technology as it becomes available.  “We have state of the art equipment and every year we invest a couple million dollars into each facility, modernizing the equipment.  We stay on the forefront of technology with the different equipment in the mills,” states Beasley.  The company has achieved success by focusing on the products that are doing well and learning to jump from market to market as they see fit so that they are working toward the highest profit.  Beasley expresses that the crane mats have been a big item for the past three or four years that has allowed the company to shift any volume it needs into that market when the time calls.  The company has such a high production level compared to the other manufacturers in the industry because they are able to consistently provide a quality product to every customer in a timely manner.


Quality Products and Service


Beasley Forest Products produces crane mats, hardwood mats, timber mats, laminated mates, dragline mats, digging mats, logging mats and skids from hardwood that is harvested throughout the states of Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and parts of Alabama.  The company can produce over 500 high quality mats per day and on average has about 5,000 mats of various sizes in stock every day.  Though mats are a primary production item, Beasley Forest products also produces many other products as well which helps lower the cost of the mat production, thus saving the client money when it comes time for ordering.  Also, because they can handle very large orders and small orders alike, they have an advantage over the competition who can only deliver small quantities of mats per order.


In addition, because Beasley Forest Products is a manufacturer, they save time for their clients because they remove the middle man from the equation by efficiently building and delivering products themselves.  “Our ability to deliver on orders is really what we’ve made our name on”, Beasley is proud to explain.  He continues, “in most industries, we provide the product at a reasonable price and we handle any volume of product.  In the case of crane mats, we can deliver on larger orders, which is a big deal in the oil and gas industries.  It’s the ability to deliver large orders so they don’t have to break it up and deal with multiple suppliers.  That is one of our big selling points, and our quality of product is as high as any.  We definitely are the standard.” 


The company offers reliable and timely delivery and promises to ship any order in the continental US with 48 hours of receiving the purchase order.  This reliability allows customers to focus on their own operations while they let Beasley Forest Products manage the production of the needed materials.   The company guarantees the satisfaction of all its customers and values the customer relationships by providing “Quality Service from Quality People for Quality People.”  This makes them stand apart from the other companies in the industry.




Despite the fact that many people may believe harvesting trees is harmful to the environment, Beasley Forest Products takes sustainability very seriously and works hard to enforce proper forestry practices.  All of the loggers employed by the company are required to be certified in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Master Timber Harvesting program.  In efforts to make sure no wood product is wasted, the company is always looking for new ways to utilize green technology.  Beasley states, “We’re working to develop new mat technology that allows us to make mats out of smaller pieces of wood, make us more efficient users of our raw material.”  The company uses the wood material all the way down to the bark and sawdust so that nothing ends up going to the landfill.  Beasley Forest Products is committed to implementing and achieving green initiatives and strives for the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Standard.  It also maintains associate memberships with PLCA (Pipe Line Contractors Association), APCA (American Pipeline Contactors) and the Houston Pipelines Association to support their positive relationship with the pipeline industry. 


In the coming years, Beasley states that the company goal is to continue its growth and success in the crane mat business and become the largest mat supplier available.  He explains that there are potentials for new technology that may assist in the production of the crane mats and he hopes that they may discover something that will give them a technological advantage.