GeoTility: Leading the Way in Geothermal Energy

GeoTility: Leading the Way in Geothermal Energy

In recent years, green energy has only grown more appealing and desirable. Solar power and wind power remain the most high profile forms of green energy, but they are far from the only options – geothermal technology has increased by leaps and bounds in terms of viability, and GeoTility has been at the forefront for decades.


“In the early 1990s we recognized the need for more efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives to help preserve our environment,” states the company. “We turned our attention to geothermal heating and cooling systems, which we believe are the most energy efficient, environmentally clean, and cost effective space conditioning systems available today.”


Today GeoTility stands as a top business in British Columbia’s construction industry and a leading geothermal heating and cooling contractor throughout Canada and the Pacific Northwest.


The Advantages of Going Green


What are the benefits of switching to geothermal from traditional energy sources? According to GeoTility the advantages are plentiful, providing cost savings while significantly reducing the use of fossil fuels, with additional benefits that make the method particularly well suited to the commercial and residential indoor environments that GeoTility serves.


“With no fossil fuels being burnt, geothermal systems have none of the risks associated with carbon monoxide and open flames,” the company explains. “Geothermal systems also eliminate the need for chemicals and sterilization agents used to prevent algae and bacterial growth in cooling towers, which can taint air drawn through building ventilation ducts. Geothermal systems provide excellent indoor air quality. They are suitable for heating and cooling medical/surgical, research, and industrial facilities requiring sterile conditions.”


Green Energy at Any Size


For GeoTility, it’s not just about getting the biggest businesses into geothermal energy: any interest in renewable energy is a victory. For this reason GeoTility considers no project too big or too small – from individual private home conversions throughout the region to large scale commercial projects like schools and British Columbia’s St-Mary’s Hospital expansion project.


“We have completed thousands of geothermal projects ranging in size from small residential projects to large commercial and institutional systems,” the company states. “We can provide full design/build services for the most ambitious projects. From large multi-use recreation facilities to resort hotels and office buildings, our extensive experience will ensure a successful geothermal installation of any size.”


Expertise and Leadership


“GeoTility has maintained a leadership role in the evolution of the geothermal technology sector over the past 20 years,” states the company. “All aspects of GeoTility’s work force from our engineering to installations are trained and certified with the most current industry training.” Maintaining its leadership role cannot be done without significant effort, and a continued commitment to expertise is crucial to the business. GeoTility is proud to be a member of several leading energy and environmental organizations throughout Canada including GeoExchangeBC, the BC Ground Water Association, and the Cascadia Green Building Council.


Expansion in The United States with Orca Energy


As part of its effort to bring geothermal energy to more consumers, GeoTility operates Terrasource Utility Services. Bolstered by the success of this offshoot, the company is expanding. “Terrasource has enjoyed great success advancing the adoption of GeoExchange systems,” says GeoTility. “By utilizing the in-ground infrastructure, providing access to the building owner, and charging an affordable access fee, many who couldn't afford the upfront costs of GeoExchange are enjoying the benefits of the system.”


Now GeoTility is expanding its efforts toward providing greater geothermal energy use opportunities to consumers in the US with the launch of Orca Energy. Based out of Redmond, Washington, this new service provides alternative energy and exterior works to consumers including turnkey installation, testing, maintenance and repair of geothermal utilities. With this launch, GeoTility may soon be able to expand further in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. 

Jim Leask