ONEsource Facility Solution Uses Unique Collaborative Approach, OSCA®, Towards Project Delivery

ONEsource Facility Solution Uses Unique Collaborative Approach, OSCA®, Towards Project Delivery

Incorporated in 2010, ONEsource Facility Solutions provides services for an array of food and beverage facilities including red meat, poultry, wine, dairy soft drinks and frozen foods.  The company got started when it partnered with Facility Design Group, a company that has been involved in food processing facility design and engineering work since 1985.  ONEsource utilizes its own collaborative approach, OSCA®, to successfully complete projects on time and on budget again and again, leaving customers satisfied and returning for business.  ONEsource offers all planning and implantation services under one roof, taking the weight of the pressure off clients and into the hands of expert architects, engineers and planners.


Jim Ashworth, Vice President of Construction Services, has been in the food and beverage design and engineering industry for 42 years and for the last 28 years he has focused on the design build side of the business.  He has worked with ONEsource since its creation in 2010 and was involved with the partner company, Facility Design Group, since 2000.   He discusses how ONEsource designs and builds high quality food and beverage facilities while still saving the customer time and money.  He states, “Saving time while getting a project started and completed; I think that’s the biggest thing that we offer.”


An Approach that Leads to Success


ONEsource Facility Solutions has a unique approach to handling its projects, which has proven to keep clients returning to them for continued work.   The company’s ONEsource Collaborative Approach (OSCA®) enables them to save up to 30% of the clients’ time on projects, which to clients is crucial because saving time is saving money.   By using a team approach and constantly keeping open communication between the company’s different departments involved in each stage of the project and the client, the company is able to complete the project in the most economical way possible.


Ashworth states, “As a collaborative approach with the design team, the owner and sales, it’s like a three legged stool.  We all work as a team to get a project done.”  He continues, “All parties are involved from the very beginning to the very end of a project.”


This integrated approach to project delivery makes ONEsource unique in the industry and because the company operates with its own in-house services, it is fully equipped to handle the entire building process from start to finish. 


Projects Underway


ONEsource Facility Solutions has a wide range of projects to date, with a focus in food and beverage processing facilities.  Currently, ONEsource is completing the design and construction of a new Artisan Cheese Processing Facility in Corfu, New York, for Yancey’s Fancy New York Artisan Cheese.  As a cheese company, the client had would ship their cheese off to store it for two years so that it can age.  With this new 106,500 square foot facility the company will be able to store their cheese in their own location.  Yancey’s Fancy New York Artisan Cheese is scheduled to move in and start up operations this month.


One of the current projects the ONEsource is working on is for AMCE Smoked Fish in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Like many of ONEsource’s projects, the ACME Smoked Fish project was fast tracked so ONEsource has been designing and building as they go and fortunately have not come across any serious obstacles that may delay the completion of the project.  This project began in October of 2013 and is expected to open the 1st of the year in 2015.


Another project ONEsource is working on is a new project for the Sugar Creek Packing Company, located in Cambridge City, Indiana.  The client is a private labeling company that cooks, processes and labels food products for outside brands, along with offering a few of their own products as well.  They are looking to expand their meat and food processing facility so that it has the equipment and space to cook, assemble, package and flash freeze its own store brand prepared frozen food along with its clients’.  The new facility will dwarf the existing location as it involves a 251,000 square foot building expansion and the renovation of the existing adjacent 89,600 square foot facility.  This project is expected to be completed in April of 2015.


Commitment to LEED


Additionally ONEsource Facility Solutions is also committed to sustainability and as a company, they are active members of the U.S. Green Building Council and strive to integrate LEED certification into the facilities that they design and build.  The Plumrose USA project that the company completed was a Silver LEED food processing facility, which Ashworth explains rarely happens, and it was selected as 2013 sustainable food plant of the year by Food Engineering Magazine.


Overall the company continues to deliver high quality projects that exceed expectations and keep customers coming back.  With the company’s innovative Collaborative approach (OSCA®) and quality workmanship towards project delivery, there is no doubt ONEsource Facility Solutions will continue to stay busy in the upcoming years.

Cheryl Moultrie