Technology and innovation drive continual success at BTX Global Logistics

Technology and innovation drive continual success at BTX Global Logistics

BTX Global Logistics opened its doors in 1980 as a full-service logistics provider specializing in heavyweight and time-sensitive shipping by air and land as well as shipping by sea. Since its inception, the company has been successfully fulfilling its profile and today has a loyal and abundant customer base to show for it. BTX takes great pride in its technological know-how and strongly believes that its application of modern systems and processes has put it at the forefront of the logistics industry.


Being one-step-ahead of the competition is critical to success at BTX. In fact, President Ross Bacarella insists on it every day. “My management style is heavily influenced by my upbringing. I never look at the wonderful things that we do at BTX but instead the areas in which we can actively improve.”


Not one to rest on his laurels or rely on past success, Bacarella has fostered a culture of open communication and continuous improvement at the company. “We have performance standards in place and everybody is aware of what is expected of them,” he says.


“Communication is the cornerstone of our success, and with that comes frequent analysis of our performance using the specific KPIs that define us. We continue to improve and enhance our service offerings by meeting with department heads regularly. Each division of the company is in tune with one another, sharing best practice, news and ideas for improvement and growth.”


People Management


BXT Global Logistics employs in excess of 200 employees and yet Bacarella approaches people management with the individual in mind. “I whole heartedly believe in treating people with respect. My aim is to have employees who feel good about for whom they work and to feel the value of what they are doing.”


As part of this, Bacarella offers his employees continual training and opportunities for personal and professional growth. “Training is one of the areas that we have targeted for our employees in 2014. We aim to keep everyone in tune with the bigger picture. We already provide annual training meetings for sales and operations, along with frequent web sessions. We are also in the process of creating and building more training videos and a podcast library that will be available on demand.”


When it comes to management, as aforementioned, Bacarella draws on the experience of his own upbringing to lead his people. “I was raised in a very active sports environment,” he recalls. “Team to me means more than any one individual, so collectively, we're stronger.”


“At BTX everyone from the individuals on the ground to the VPs and the executive team collaborate on projects. We want to make sure that we’re in tune with one another and that everyone has a voice. We make decisions together,” he says.


Looking to the Future


At BTX, training and development isn’t limited to its own borders, but also extends to local schools and communities. In the last few years the company has taken part in “FUTURES”, a program based at Bacarella’s high school Alma Mater, St Joseph. A two-day agenda is set with a group of seniors being introduced to the various departments of the company. The second day comprises of on-site field trips to a seaport or an airport cargo facility, in addition to a visit to one of the company’s local fulfillment operations.


“I believe that this program comes at a key point in the lives of our future leaders. It’s an opportunity for BTX to showcase what we do as a company in what can be perceived as a complex industry, but also to highlight how it all connects—and how important relationship building is,” says Bacarella.


Technology and Innovation


BTX and its commitment to both technology and communication has helped the company remain ahead of the competition. In mid-June, BTX launched a brand new version of its website that emphasizes those relationships between company, employees and clients alike.


I cannot speak enough to the importance of our website. It really is a first port of call in today’s culture. Prospective customers have shifted from reading through collateral you left behind or some printed piece mailed to them, to researching a company by its website and the ‘chatter’ online. In a sales call the first 30 seconds of that call are extremely important. It is the same when someone is on our website or researches BTX online: We need to impress quickly,” says Bacarella.  


The new website is fully optimized for use on a desktop, a tablet PC or even a smartphone and still provides BTX customers with a robust, on-the-go tracking system. As Bacarella explains, “The website offers our shipping clientele an informative and dynamic site, as well as a web based software suite where they can ship, track, get reports, get quotes online and on-demand.


“It’s a portal where they can handle all their supply chain needs in one area. They can manage their inventory and they can see their inventory that we are managing in any of our warehouses. We also have an e-commerce section of the website. Our first priority was to completely meet the needs of our customers,” he says.  


“We really do communicate with our key vendors through technology. Customers require information and we give it to them exactly how they want it. Interactions and interfaces are optimized to make the process that much easier,” says Bacarella.


Remaining True to its Roots


BTX Global Logistics will celebrate 34 years in business next year and by-and-large has stayed fast by its founding principles. “Yes, we have added additional services as time has gone by, like warehousing and fulfillment and e-commerce environments and specialized services that we didn't offer way back when. But on the whole we have focused on the core service lines of air and sea freight for 34 years,” says Bacarella. “With this in mind, we have become really good at what we do.”


“The transportation industry is always changing. We must continue to be a chameleon and change with the times. Those that do not will fade away. Companies need to remain mobile and flexible in how they do business. Five years ago, is not what we are doing now, nor is it what we may be doing five years from now. E-Commerce is a great example of this.


“Longevity and stability create success. We will get there if we stay true to ourselves and be the best of what we are. It’s not about becoming an institutional service provider. We are a top tiered carrier that delivers what it promises: a high level of service at a fair price,” concludes Bacarella. 

Brian McConaghy