T.L. Penner Construction Inc. is Built to Last due to its Reputation and its People

T.L. Penner Construction Inc. is Built to Last due to its Reputation and its People

Thriving in Canada’s construction industry since the late 1950’s, T.L. Penner Construction Inc. has grown from its humble beginnings by continuing to provide quality general contracting and project management services throughout Canada. With 50 percent of projects taking place in Saskatchewan and 50 percent in Manitoba, T.L. Penner Construction Inc. has transformed from its work in the North Country to a multifaceted and widely-used industry resource.

Operating as a true family business, the company is now working within its third generation of family management and as a result of its expansion and need for an upgrade, the company has recently relocated to a new office building in Virden, Manitoba.

The team and their mission

T.L. Penner Construction Inc. prides itself on its people; with anywhere from 30-40 employees at one time, Penner Construction cultivates its employees to grow within state-of-the-art training and educational opportunities, expert family-centered leadership and years of industry-wide experience. This organization looks out for best-in-class project managers and quality supervisors, who can ensure a project is completed on time, on budget and to the customer’s specifications. Regardless of the type of project, whether it is a new health center or commercial/industrial infrastructure, T.L. Penner crafts the best team for the job through its own high-quality staff, excellent group of industry-subcontractors and specialized equipment.

This team of highly-skilled workers and experienced leadership strives to do their best at all times, and diligent works to continuously improve by constantly pushing the construction industry’s standards to new highs in terms of efficiency, quality and timeliness.

General Manager Zac Penner, whose grandfather established the business in 1959, commented on the team’s continuous improvement strategy, “I have grown up in this business. I call it generational momentum that has pushed the business, as it has evolved from one generation to the next. It seems that our two main consistencies have always been people first and good leadership; the leadership has always been hands on within the family. We do the best we can, at what we know how to do.”

Current and past project success at Penner Construction

Specializing in industrial and commercial infrastructure, TL Penner has taken-on and/or completed a portfolio of diverse projects across Canada’s provinces. This company ensures a result that both the owner and the company itself can be proud of, with some of its most notable successes being:

Dauphin, Manitoba: A new 40 unit apartment building totaling $8 million; this project is a close replica of a building completed by T.L. Penner in Virden, Manitoba. This project provided affordable housing in part  because it was one of the first life lease projects that Manitoba Housing was ever involved with, in which the cost of the apartment style complex  is covered by 1/3 forgivable loans from Manitoba Housing, 1/3 tenants life lease fee, 1/3 financed from financial institution. In both the Dauphin and Virden projects, the company finished within one percent of the final budget at the end of the project; even though it was budgeted a year earlier.

Tundra Oil Expansion: Completed within the last six weeks, T.L. Penner Construction Inc doubled the size of Tundra Oil and Gas’s main field office; Tundra Oil and Gas is the major oil production company in the area, and Penner Construction has expanded their existing building three times in last seven to eight years. Tundra has been an excellent long-time client of T.L. Penner, demonstrating the company’s respect for creating long-lasting relationships with their valued clients.

Redvers Health Center: Expansion to existing facility, resulting in an $11 million project. This long-term personal care home addition to the Redvers Hospital provided a service that was desperately needed in the region. Together with the local health officials, T.L. Penner banded together to build a fantastic facility that will serve need for years to come.

Celebration Ford Car Dealership: Currently being built in Moosomin, Saskatchewan. This project is currently 1/3 of the way completed and is set to be another fantastic project.  This new Ford dealership will be state-of-the-art, and displays the growth that this business has seen due to the booming mining activity in this region of Canada.

It’s all about integrity

Adding together its commitment to producing high-quality projects, its notable industry-wide reputation and its diverse portfolio of successful results, T.L. Penner has established itself as one to watch within Canada’s booming construction industry. This organization works tirelessly to ensure that clients are getting the most value for their dollar by providing as much pricing as possible, a hand-picked team of laborers and specialized equipment and a reliable reputation that clients can trust.

General Manager Zac Penner said: “In the last two to three years 75 percent of our work has been project management and private work. In this arena of the business, you’ve got to have a great reputation. Our reputation, to us, means everything. We can’t afford to have a bad reputation. If we were going to focus on one aspect of our business, it is our reputation and our people in our organization that make us who we are.”

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