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Local Government Procurement

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Local Government Procurement (LGP) is an organisation that provides procurement services for the New South Wales (NSW) local government, which consists of 128 councils plus Regional Organisation of Councils, Joint Organisations, county councils and Aboriginal land councils across the state. 

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Local Government NSW, LGP was established to help member councils acquire goods and services as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

LGP’s corporate governance structure is led by a skills-based board of directors who are accountable for the strategic direction of LGP. 

Each year, LGP saves NSW councils millions of dollars in the procurement of goods and services through negotiated pricing and bulk purchasing power. In FY23, LGP’s services have delivered an estimated AU$76mn in efficiency savings.

Executives in Local Government Procurement

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Anubhav Madan

Head of Procurement at Local Government Procurement

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