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Nottinghamshire County Council

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Our vision is for Nottinghamshire to be a county that is safe; economically prosperous; a place where businesses want to invest; and where we are proud of our past and ambitious for our future. At NCC, our overall ethos is for Nottinghamshire to be healthy, prosperous and greener. 

We want Nottinghamshire to be a county where people have high aspirations; live as independently as possible and share with us responsibility for the future.

We will lead Nottinghamshire - we will play a full part in leading Nottinghamshire to be a place where people want to live and feel safe; businesses want to invest and tourists want to visit and stay.

We will provide good services - we will consult, listen and act on what the public tells us about the services they use. We will work with other organisations to make public sector services in Nottinghamshire as integrated as possible. We will ensure all our services are good quality and provide value for money.
We will be an efficient Council - we will be a cost effective and efficient council. Over the coming four years we will reduce our running costs substantially to allow more to be spent on delivery of services.

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Ceren Clulow

Digital Connectivity Manager

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