May 19, 2020

60% of Ontario residents support $15 minimum wage

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60% of Ontario residents support $15 minimum wage

A new poll conducted by the Angus Reid Institute has revealed that six in 10 Ontario residents are in support of the proposed legislation that will see the minimum wage raised to $15 per hour within the region.

The Ontario government recently raised the minimum wage to a $14 hourly rate, with this set to rise a further $1 within the year.

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The legislation has caused significant controversy since its planned implementation, with both the Bank of Canada and Financial Accountability Office having predicted that tens of thousands of jobs will be lost as a result of the higher labour costs.

However, despite this, 60% of people surveyed by Angus Reid support the plans to introduce this by 2019 - double the number of those who opposed it (30%), with the remainder of people indifferent.

The report shows that the proposed wage hikes are particularly popular amongst the younger generation, with 38% of 18-34 year olds stating that they strongly support it, 15% higher than any other age group.

Additionally, 67% of women are in support of it, whilst just 53% of men reflect the same opinion.

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