May 19, 2020

Changes in taxation between Mexico and the US to be discussed

Rebecca Castrejon
2 min
Changes in taxation between Mexico and the US to be discussed

In order to analyze global trends in control, Accountants Associations members will meet in the XXI edition of the Binational Convention Counters "A professional development beyond the borders."

According to our sister publication Business Review America Latina, at a recent press conference, the president of the agency, CPC Matilde Garcia, said that in 1994 the idea of ​​bringing specialty schools on both sides of the border to start a working relationship that will contribute to improve the regional economic development was discussed.

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"This region is considered unique in the country, since the Public Accounts does not have a geographical location so close in terms of entrepreneurship and economic dynamism so important," he said.

Matilde Garcia said that the work will take place on August 7 at the premises of the Convention Center Floor Center, and the participation of between 250 and 300 people of both border states are expected, as well as people from Sonora and Sinaloa.

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For its part, the coordinator of the convention, CPC Evangelina Contreras Caro, explained that the definition by the authority of the transfer prices between countries, the obligations of both sides of the border doing business and investment opportunities in California, will be part of the theme of the event.

She also said it will make an analysis of the tax reform on how it affects transnational corporations, as northern Mexico is one of the main cities of the country with the largest settlement of manufacturing companies, which have to adopt new processes to define the prices of their services and product exported.

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Another issue to be addressed is the complexity that represents the Control of International Franchise Tax Global Trends Foreign Investment and informative and non-resident obligations in the United States.

She added that the Californias on Public Accounts, on Saturday, August 8 will be made to walk the vineyards of the Wine LA to participate in Cetto Harvest Festival 2015, which aims to integrate convention attendees.

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May 3, 2021

Dell to sell cloud-based iPaaS Boomi in US$4bn deal

Kate Birch
3 min
Francisco Partners and TPG Capital agree to acquire Boomi – provider of cloud-based integration platform as a service – from Dell Technologies for US$4bn
Francisco Partners and TPG Capital agree to acquire Boomi – provider of cloud-based integration platform as a service – from Dell Technologies for U...

Global investment firm Francisco Partners and private equity platform TPG Capital have entered into an agreement with Dell Technologies to acquire cloud-based integration platform as a service provider Boomi in a cash deal valued at US$4bn. The deal is expected to complete this year.

“Boomi has flourished as part of Dell Technologies, growing exponentially since we acquired them in 2010. This proposed transaction positions Boomi for its next phase of growth and is the right move for both companies, our shared customers and partners,” said Jeff Clarke, vice chairman and chief operating officer of Dell Technologies.

“For us, we're focused on fuelling growth by continuing to modernise our core infrastructure and PC businesses and expanding in high-priority areas including hybrid and private cloud, edge, telecom and APEX. All designed to help organisations thrive in the do-from-anywhere economy.”

Dell’s Boomi sell-off follows VMware spin-off

This announcement comes just two weeks after Dell said it would spin-off its 81% equity ownership of VMware to form two standalone companies. This would result in an expected US$9.3bn cash dividend payment to Dell, which says it will use those funds to pay down debt.

When Dell acquired Boomi in 2010 for an undisclosed fee, Boomi offered the industry’s only pure SaaS application integration platform, powered by its revolutionary AtomSphere technology. Dell saw Boomi as addressing one of the top barriers to cloud adoption at that time, which was managing and integrating cloud-based applications with existing applications and databases.

Now, Boomi has more than 15,000 customers globally and is still seen as a leader when it comes to organisations connecting applications, processes and people across a range of locations and devices – a process that can take weeks rather than months.

“I am incredibly proud that through innovation, passion and relentless execution, the Boomi team has created a unified platform for the modern-day hybrid IT landscape that thousands of customers worldwide depend on to digitally transform their business,” said Chris McNabb, chief executive officer of Boomi.

“By partnering with two tier-one investment firms like Francisco Partners and TPG, we can accelerate our ability for our customers to use data to drive competitive advantage. In this next phase of growth, Boomi will be in a position of strength to further advance our innovation and market trajectory while delivering even more value to our customers.”

Francisco Partners has invested in more than 300 technology companies since its launch 20 years ago and has more than US$25bn in assets under management.

“The ability to integrate and connect data and workflows across any combination of applications or domains is a critical business capability, and we strongly believe that Boomi is well positioned to help companies of all sizes turn data into their most valuable asset,” said Dipanjan Deb, co-founder and chief executive officer, and Brian Decker, partner, at Francisco Partners

Nehal Raj, partner, and Art Heidrich, principal, at TPG Capital added: “The need for automation and data integration across applications has never been greater. Boomi's cloud-native platform enables enterprises to streamline business processes and is essential for driving digital transformation.”

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