May 19, 2020

Checks for Crash—Air Canada Sends Money to Flight 624 Passengers

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Checks for Crash—Air Canada Sends Money to Flight 624 Passengers

Reported at the end of last month, Air Canada Flight 624 touched down early at Halifax Stanfield International Airport on Sunday, March 29, resulting in much damage. Damage caused during the incident included harm to the plane and loss of electricity at the airport.

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In total, 133 passengers were on the flight, including five crew members. 25 people were taken to the hospital following the crash landing and were treated with minor injuries. Later that afternoon, all except one passenger had been released from the hospital.

Klaus Goersch, the executive vice president of Air Canada and COO, referred to the incident as “very unsettling.” 

Recently, passengers on the flight have received a check from the airline—a check totaling CAD$5,000. Accompanied with the check was a letter stating that the money “is not an admission of liability; it is a payment for their expenses and inconvenience.”

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While it’s been noted by a personal injury lawyer that each passenger who received a letter and check should consult a lawyer before cashing, that same lawyer stated, “If there is a settlement, at the end of the day, then that $5000 will be deducted from it.”

While it doesn’t seem that any lawsuits have been established yet, passengers could eventually bring lawsuits against a range of parties, including the pilots, the airline, the manufacture of the plane, the maintenance providers and the airport operators. 

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