May 19, 2020

Coca-Cola Canada to launch new $85mn Fairlife production facility in Ontario

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Coca-Cola Canada to launch new $85mn Fairlife production facility in Ontario

Coca-Cola Canada has formally revealed that it will be investing CAD$85m to create a new production facility in Ontario, the company’s seventh across Canada.

The building will solely focus on producing the firm’s lactose free Fairlife unfiltered milk products, making Canada the brand’s first international market outside of the US.

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“The decision to launch Fairlife in Canada was an easy one to make, given the high farming and dairy standards already in place,” said Tim Doelman, Chief Operating Officer (COO) OF Fairlife. “All of our products start with high quality, great tasting fresh milk, which is what Canadian dairy farms are dedicated to as well.”

Coca-Cola expects that 35 new roles will be created as a result of the project, whilst the facility will also support many more existing jobs by sourcing the milk from local dairy farmers in Ontario - an industry that the region prides itself on.

“Canada’s dairy system continues to contribute to the Canadian economy by attracting millions of dollars in processor investments and offering continued and stable growth,” said Graham Lloyd, Dairy Farmers Ontario General Manager and CEO.

Currently Canada’s agriculture and agri-food industry generates more than $100bn in GDP employing more Canadians than any other manufacturing sector across Canada.

“This new plant in Peterborough will help create jobs, encourage innovation and foster new market opportunities in Ontario and across the country—tapping into the growth potential of Canada’s agriculture and food industry,” said Maryam Monsef, Member of Parliament for Peterborough-Kawartha.

The facility is expected to be operational beginning Q1 2020.

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