May 19, 2020

Colliers reveals latest port and shipping industry outlook

James Breeze
Pouyan Broukhim
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Colliers reveals latest port and shipping industry outlook

An exclusive Business Review USA interview with James Breeze at Colliers has offered some insight into what the company’s recent report means for the US shipping and port industry.

Colliers Industrial US Seaport Outlook gives a detailed outlook to customers on the latest information from the country’s major ports.

National Director of Industry Research James Breeze speaks of the importance of the reports to those who operate within the industry. “A lot of our clients need to know what is going on with the ports as they have a lot of products going through them. What we wanted to do was create an interactive report that gave them basic information on the nine major ports in the States, with some of the trends we see for the future and the drivers of demand for products.”

This information is gathered from numerous sources, from those who oversee economic development, to local researchers who scour markets.

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The latest of this information has revealed a sector shift towards regional distribution. Breeze added: “Now with e-commerce and the competition to offer customers speedy delivery of their goods, we seeing a move towards greater levels of regional distribution where businesses are shipping to a greater number of ports and adding more warehouse space to get their products to consumers more quickly.”

The interview also revealed a level of optimism for the coming months, with hopes that existing trade deals will be maintained and the stabilisation of the dollar will continue.

Read the full interview with Breeze and further insight into the report in August’s Business Review USA Magazine.

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