May 19, 2020

Ikea Canada to accept PayPal for internet purchases

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Paypal Ikea Canada
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Ikea Canada to accept PayPal for internet purchases

Ikea Canada will add a PayPal payment choice for its online purchases, in an attempt to make the Swedish retailer more accessible to Canadians.

PayPal has approximately 6.4 million active user accounts in Canada. The service is an alternative to credit and debit card payment, which Ikea Canada will continue to accept.

Walmart stopped taking the Visa credit card at some of its stores in Thunder Bay, Ontario on Monday, because of a dispute over fees.

According to Visa Canada, it offered Walmart one of the lowest rates in the country, but the department store chain wanted more.

Walmart said credit card fees in Canada are too high by international standards and has threatened to ban Visa cards at all 400 of its Canada stores.

A spokesman for Finance Minister Bill Morneau said he awaits a report on a voluntary fee reduction that Visa and MasterCard introduced in 2014.

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