May 19, 2020

Michelin to acquire Camso in $1.45bn

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Michelin to acquire Camso in $1.45bn

Paris-based global tyre maker Michelin has announced that it has agreed to acquire Canadian automotive manufacturing company Camso in a deal valued at USD$1.45bn.

The agreement will see the two companies' off-the-road (OTR) operations combined, forming a new division within Michelin's existing portfolio that will be managed from Quebec.

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“Joining up with Michelin’s off-the-road teams is a fantastic opportunity for Camso because of the similarity of our cultures as well as our growth potential,” said Pierre Marcouiller, Executive Chairman of Camso. 

“Camso will achieve its ambition to become the global off-the-road market leader and will contribute its dynamic teams, its technical and manufacturing assets and its customer-focused mindset.”

The new company is set to become the a world leader within the global OTR market, benefiting from Camso's experienced team and Michelin's presence, both within Canada and internationally.

“This acquisition is a wonderful mutual opportunity. Michelin will benefit from all of Camso’s skills in the off-the-road mobility markets and Camso from the full range of Michelin’s expertise in the specialty markets,” said Jean-Dominique Senard, Chief Executive Officer of the Michelin Group.

The new entity is expected to more than double Camso's existing net sales, employ more than 12,000 people and support 26 manufacturing plants.

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