May 19, 2020

Strong growth for Tim Hortons in first year under parent company RBI

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Sudarshan Sitaula
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Strong growth for Tim Hortons in first year under parent company RBI

At the end of 2014, Tim Hortons and Burger King merged into new Canada-based Restaurant Brands International (RBI)—and when the financial results rolled in for the first quarter of 2015, the 5.3 percent growth for the Tim Hortons brand and 4.6 percent growth for Burger King suggested that the merger was a very smart move.

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This week RBI released its Full Year 2015 financial report, and the numbers show that the growth in Q1 was not a fluke. Over the course of the fiscal year, Burger King saw a comparable sales increase of 5.4 percent; meanwhile Tim Hortons comparable sales increased by a substantial 5.6 percent.

In addition, system-wide sales at Tim Hortons grew 9.3 percent (Burger King took that system-wide growth even further with a 10.3 percent increase). Overall, in the 2015 fiscal year RBI was able to return $0.44 per share in dividends to its shareholders—a 46.7 percent increase over what Burger King Worldwide delivered the year before.

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"We had a great first year as RBI, finishing the fourth quarter with strong results at both of our iconic brands, TIM HORTONS® and BURGER KING®,” said RBI chief executive officer Daniel Schwartz in a statement from the brand. “Successful product launches combined with significant net restaurant growth drove performance this year and our franchisees achieved meaningful levels of profitability. We continue to be excited about future opportunities at TIM HORTONS® and BURGER KING® and are committed to building long-term sustainable growth for years to come."

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