Fraud Prevention is Important—Avoid these 4 Popular Scams

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Last month was Fraud Prevention Month—did you stay protected? Though the month of March may be dedicated to becoming aware of scams and learning how to avoid them, it’s important to stay up to date on safety measures and to be fully protected every single month out of the year.

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To help keep you informed and educated on this matter, take a look at four of the most popular scams happening right now. Beware—fraud can be extremely expensive and cost you lots of time and energy.

Emergency Scam

The emergency scam, also known as the “grandparent scam,” has become quite popular recently. This example involves scammers preying on older people. The scammer will usually call or email a grandparent or relative, claiming to have been in an accident and needing money right away.

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Sweepstakes Scam

Who doesn’t love to win a contest? This scam has been around for quite some time, baiting those who are hoping to receive a prize of some sort. Usually, the victim is notified that they’ve won a contest or sweepstakes and is then asked to pay taxes or fees in advance in order to claim their winnings.

Click Bait Scam

Click bait scams are used with that aid of computers. Usually embedded into sites such as news stories, celebrity photos or fake pieces, this type of scam is used to get you to click on a virus that can later harm your computer and possibly gain access to your personally information.

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Copycat Website Scam

This type of fraud involves scammers sending emails, texts or social media messages announcing a sale of some sort. Victims usually then click on the link and are taken to a site to purchase the product. Once they enter their credit card information, they are usually left with a cheap product of some sort or nothing at all.  

Be on the lookout and trust your gut. However, most importantly, if something seems too good to be true, it usually is! 

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