Origami Owl Jewelry comes to Canada

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Bella Weems, known for founding Origami Owl when she was just 14, is expanding her jewelry company internationally. Specifically, she’s coming to Canada!

Weems, now 18, has an interesting story behind her journey into the business world and choosing to start her own line.  For her 16th birthday, Weems asked her parents for a car. However, they declined to purchase a vehicle for their daughter and told her that if she wanted a car, then she would have to earn the money for it herself.

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Enter Origami Owl . . . well, kind of—it wasn’t that easy. Once a babysitter, Weems raised $350, but knew that she would have to pursue other, more lucrative avenues if she really wanted to earn the money for her first car. Then, it was Weems’ parents who suggested that she start her own business.

It was during the time that she was surfing the Internet, looking at jewelry, that Weems got the idea to start selling her own lockets. Not only did Weems want to create and sell something custom, but she also wanted to teach other people different ways to customize their own jewelry.

Named after her favorite animal and the origami decorations in her bedroom, Origami Owl was born. Her customizable jewelry designs have not only become quite popular over the last couple of years, but the company has gone on to become quite successful—Origami Owl generated around $250 million just in 2013.

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Origami Owl’s move into Canada is the company’s first international expansion. And while Weems is the founder of the company, she is not the head of it. She just recently finished high school, as well as an internship within her own company.

You’re never too young to enter the business world. Don’t second guess those small ideas—run with them! You never know, you may just have a hit on your hands!  

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