Three Canadian Charities Worth Supporting

By Bizclik Editor


In 2010, 84 per cent of Canadians over age 15 donated to a charitable or non-profit organization, the total number of giving amounted to $10.6 billion. That’s a lot of cash and a testament to Canadians’ understanding of social responsibility. Indeed, in a nation to whom much has been given, much is expected and Canadians are stepping up to donate their time and money to create a better Canada for all.

For those regular donors or those on the lookout for organizations to contribute to, here are three charitable organizations that are doing good works in the areas of natural conservation, social services, and medical care.

Nature Conservancy of Canada

Since 1962, the Nature Conservancy of Canada has been raising awareness about Canadian environmental issues, conducting scientific environmental research, and implementing conservation plans. The Nature Conservancy of Canada is partnered with notable Canadian companies such as Telus, The Globe and Mail, and the Canadian Pacific Railway. Apparently not only is environmental awareness trending, it is also a sign of business prosperity and sagacity.

Corporate partnership opportunities with the Nature Conservancy of Canada include a variety of options from marketing partnerships to sponsoring an event or seasonal giving. Check out the full listing of opportunities to find out how your company can become a part of protecting the natural landscape and biodiversity of Canada.

United Way of Greater Toronto

Those wanting to make a direct difference in a community should consider donating time or money to The United Way of Greater Toronto, which provides social services to improve the lives of families and individuals in Toronto. This non-profit organization takes a two-pronged approach to social problems by providing immediate help and services to people in need and by implementing  systemic plans to tackle and remedy the sources of social problems.

United Way Toronto works with over 200 membership agencies to provide assistance to people aimed at: moving people from poverty to economic stability, building up strong communities made up of healthy individuals, and helping kids grow to their full academic and societal potential. Since 1956, United Way of Greater Toronto has been ensuring that Canada’s most vulnerable has access to services and aid while also helping those in need to re-construct their lives towards stability.

Patient’s Association of Canada

This organization is dedicated to collecting and integrating the patient perspective in healthcare, effectively giving the Canadian patient a voice in health care policies. The Patients’ Association of Canada is patient-led and patient-organized and welcomes all who are interested in sharing their medical experiences and working to influence public policy towards greater patient awareness.


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