Top 10 jobs in Canada 2016

By anna smith

Looking for a career change? Researching job prospects? Check out Canadian Business’ annual ranking of the best jobs in Canada. The list takes salary, opportunities and qualifications into account.

No one but yourself knows the best job for you, but this list could guide you towards some interesting prospects.

10: Engineering Manager

Median Salary: $100,006

Salary Growth (2009–2015):  10 percent

Total Employees: 24,100

Change in Employees (2009–2015):  17 percent

9: Financial Manager

Median Salary: $97,074

Salary Growth (2009–2015):  21 percent

Total Employees: 19,900

Change in Employees (2009–2015):  17 percent

8: Oil & Gas Well Operator

Median Salary: $72,800

Salary Growth (2009–2015):  17 percent

Total Employees: 19,600

Change in Employees (2009–2015):  47 percent

7. Software Engineer

Median Salary: $88,005

Salary Growth (2009–2015):  17 percent

Total Employees: 42,400

Change in Employees (2009–2015):  60 percent

6. Construction Manager

Median Salary: $79,997

Salary Growth (2009–2015):  15 percent

Total Employees: 46,400

Change in Employees (2009–2015):  26 percent

5. Public Administration Director

Median Salary: $ 101,920

Salary Growth (2009–2015):  23 percent

Total Employees: 17,900

Change in Employees (2009–2015):  6 percent

4. Pilots & Flight Instructors

Median Salary: $79,997

Salary Growth (2009–2015):  28 percent

Total Employees: 15,100

Change in Employees (2009–2015):  5 percent

3: Pharmacist

Median Salary: $99,840

Salary Growth (2009–2015):  9 percent

Total Employees: 32,300

Change in Employees (2009–2015):  38 percent

2. Urban Planner

Median Salary: $85,010

Salary Growth (2009–2015):  15 percent

Total Employees: 10,500

Change in Employees (2009–2015):  30 percent

1. Mining & Forestry Manager

Median Salary: $104,000

Salary Growth (2009–2015):  19 percent

Total Employees: 11,700

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