May 19, 2020

3 tips for putting the spotlight on your brand through corporate videos

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Joyce Morse
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3 tips for putting the spotlight on your brand through corporate videos

The Internet has granted consumers a wider access to businesses than ever before.

Through blog posts and social media posts, consumers are able to interact directly with their favorite businesses and brands—and corporate videos enhance that experience by putting a face to a name.

Any company that wants to stand out and establish a strong brand should consider adding videos to their marketing strategy.

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1. Develop Authenticity

Anyone can create written content, but video allows you to see the real person.

It enables customers to develop trust in your company because they see a person behind it.

Based on the way you present yourself on video, you can come across as relaxed and informal or professional and authoritative.

Your body language helps tell others who you are. You can smile to show warmth or stand tall and erect to convey the message of confidence and competence.

In the end, customers will feel like they "know you" better because they saw you and heard you.


2. Be More Memorable

Video helps you become more memorable to customers.

They may not need your services when they watch your video, but a captivating message will stick in their minds for the time when they do.

As the article, “4 Branding Lessons Learned from Apple to Use in Your Next Corporate Video” says, images have more impact over words.

With a video, you have the ability to introduce your company in a new way.

Instead of just focusing on presenting information, you can decide how to present it. Maybe you want to add background music or play a catchy tune that will get stuck in their heads.

Maybe you'll use compelling images to appeal to your customers' emotions and make them either laugh or cry.

With video, you don't have to rely on words alone to convey your message.

Instead, you can be more effective with various imagery and sounds that they won't forget.

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3. Think of Video as a Marketing “Team Player”

Utilizing video doesn't mean you have to give up other methods of marketing.

Instead, it can easily be incorporated into those other avenues to enhance your overall approach. Tweet about your latest video or share it on your Facebook page. Mention it in blog posts or include the link in an email newsletter.

You can also use video to promote your other marketing avenues.

Let people know about your blog while providing information on your video. Ask people to “Like” your Facebook page or to follow you on Twitter.

If they like what they see on video, they'll be more likely to check out your other content. And since they've seen who you are, they'll remember your content from all of the other content they see.

You don't have to be a professional actor or even feel confident and outgoing to do a video.

Part of the appeal of this approach is that it lets others see the real you, flaws and all.

Don't be afraid to try video for your business. You just might be pleasantly surprised at the results.


About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including marketing and running a business.

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Jun 23, 2021

Sutherland Healthcare helps digitize human experiences

Northwell Health
Sutherland Global
3 min
Engineer human healthcare experiences that truly matter with Sutherland Healthcare

Sutherland Healthcare is a partner in your quest to achieve the Quadruple Aim of improving patient experience, clinical experience, and health outcomes—while lowering costs. They help optimise the value potential of the technologies at hand, remapping existing processes into end-to-end solutions that advance the art of the possible. 

Exposing clients to the value of automation and analytics, Sutherland Healthcare ramps up those capabilities into “service as opportunity” as appetite and ability permit. They free up capital, energy and leadership attention for core competencies and leverage what others can do better, growing their client teams’ skills and capabilities for future success. 

“We serve clients from back-office processes, through to the end-of-customer experience and along the way, leverage big data and deep analytics,” said Matthew Collier, CEO of Sutherland Healthcare.

“We bring a deep domain expertise to each industry, particularly in healthcare,” commented Collier who stresses they meet their clients wherever they are on their digital transformation journey. “From the earliest spectrum of outsourcing through to the point of cloud, we can meet them.”

Founded in 1986, Sutherland Healthcare is a global organisation with over 15 locations and 5000+ employees including healthcare development, analytics and data science teams. With an average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80, Sutherland Healthcare uses proprietary analytics, omnichannel and back-office platforms, bots and tools.  They work with six of the top 10 US health plans and more than 100 health industry clients – from stand-alone hospitals to large health systems and medtech companies.

For 12 years, Sutherland has been a partner of Northwell Health - New York’s largest health system serving 11 million people.  

“This has been a true partnership and the outcomes have been really impressive,” said Collier who pointed out the following savings:

  • 15 per cent year over year cash collections
  • 37 per cent reduction in bad debt 
  • 18 per cent decrease in average AR days 
  • 15 per cent increase in our engagement 

The company heritage of being a “future-ready organisation” came to fruition during the pandemic. “By having deeply digital technology enabled service in the RCM arena, we were able to flex up and down with demands from clients,” said Collier.

“Most health systems will tell you that their data is a gold mine both for clinical benefit and economic value.  A more apt description is that it is like an underground oil field which is not very useful. But by partnering with us we can help extract that oil and put that data in the cloud. We can help to refine that oil using our proprietary data monetisation tools to make that data interoperable.”

“Within the first three weeks of COVID-19 we had everyone globally working from home. A treasure trove of technologies enabled us to do that effectively while safeguarding  Protected Health Information (PHI). 

“Sutherland is at its heart, a tech enabled services company and that gives us the edge when the best solution is neither a technology or services solution, but rather the hybrid of the two.”

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