5 key lessons you need to know from the Boost Your Business with Facebook event

By Cutter Slagle

Jonathan Czaja, Director of Small Business, Facebook, recently spoke in San Diego at the Boost Your Business 2015 event. While the seminar took place in the United States, a Boost Your Business event has taken place in Canada. As well, the advice offered by Czaja works for all businesses—no matter where they’re located—as long as the business is on Facebook.

Here’s Czaja’s advice—don’t miss out!

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Tell your authentic story

When making Facebook posts, it’s important to be honest and to tell your authentic story. In order for a business to become successful, trust must be generated. Though content may be one of the hardest parts of effectively marketing a business, it’s vital to ensure that that content is authentic. Your business needs to have its own voice and that voice should be used to spread your message.

Boost a post

Getting started can be pretty easy. Not only do you need to make an effective post for current and potential clients, but you need to make sure that that post is being seen. Therefore, it’s important to boost your posts. After all, if no one can see your message, then how do you expect your business to be found or heard?

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Go after the right clients

 You don’t just want to target and reach a lot of people, but specifically, the people that matter to you and your business. You want to target the audience that has a need for your product. Therefore, find your specific audience on Facebook and advertise. Don’t waste money on those who don’t care or who don’t have a need for your product.

Interestingly enough, you can even target the right audience geographically.

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Used advanced targeting   

Furthermore, when it comes to advertising your business, you must use advanced targeting techniques. You can efficiently upload customer information (emails and phone numbers) into Facebook to find people those clients on Facebook and then reach out or re-marketing to an existing clientele. As well, you can also find potential customers who are similar to those clients you already have (i.e. people who have a need for your product and should know about it).

Measure your results

Lastly, it’s very important to measure and track your advertising results. You can actually track how many purchases from websites can be contributed from your Facebook ads. Specifically, you can see who clicked on your ad, who went to the website and who actually bought the product. This is important to find out if your ad campaign is working. Then, you can restructure or keep the same theme of ads when it comes to advertising your business further.

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