6 Bite Size Tips for More Effective Tweeting

By Jabong world

Businesses large and small have woken up to the fact that they need to have a presence on Twitter, however there is still confusion surrounding the best way to meaningfully engage with customers using just 140 characters.

There are more than 500 million Tweets sent on a daily basis, so how do you make sure your post will reach, and engage, the right audience?

Business Review USA spoke to Bernard Perrine CEO of social media marketing company HipLogiq and developer of Twitter marketing application SocialCentiv about the importance of using Twitter to boost your business. “An effective Tweet can boost business by creating the highest engagement with followers, while building a devoted fan base,” he says.

Perrine gives some insight into the top techniques for constructing ideal Tweets that are more likely to be heard above the crowd, be retweeted or favorited, and that ultimately help drive sales.

Find your brand voice. 

Your Tweets should reflect a professional voice. Be positive, engaging and conversational. Offer perspective or insight, even when retweeting to make your post stand out.

Include multimedia to encourage interaction. 

Tweets should contain pictures, links or hashtags to catch the reader’s attention and trigger involvement.

Pin a Tweet to highlight what’s important. 

Businesses can pin a specific Tweet to the top of their profile to showcase their special offers so that their followers don’t miss out.

Avoid starting a Tweet with @username. 

Starting with @username makes that Tweet only visible to the sender and receiver. For greater visibility, try “Hey, @username!...” or insert a period before the username, .@username

Create exclusive and custom offers. 

Tweets with exclusive offers can spur interest to try your company’s products or services, can build customer loyalty, and make your Twitter community feel special.

Tweet less than six times per day. 

Followers become annoyed with accounts Tweeting more than five times per day or more than one Tweet per hour.

Increase Tweet visibility. 

Request a retweet in the Tweet. Tweet 4-5x per day to increase retweets. Join trends by linking a Tweet to a hashtag and a trending word or phrase.


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