May 19, 2020

Amazon Go is set to transform the daily grocery shop

Amazon Go
Catherine Rowell
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Amazon Go is set to transform the daily grocery shop

International technology giant Amazon is set to revolutionise the daily shop for individuals with the use of their new Amazon Go app. Individuals are leading increasingly busy lives, at which Amazon have targeted this market base. From 2017, the company is opening a store in Seattle, which will allow individuals to enter, pick up what they need, and solely head straight for the exit, eliminating waiting and checkout times.

The company have utilised sophisticated technologies which are also embedded in self-driving cars. Users have to download and scan the app to a supported smartphone when entering the store, where shoppers can then freely pick items up, which is detected automatically.

This will in turn update your virtual cart automatically, and will also detect if you return items to the shelves.

Named ‘walk-out-technology’, when users leave the store, this virtual cart is then updated and all payments are charged to the shopper’s Amazon account, where they are also sent a receipt.

There are no plans released yet as to whether Amazon aim to take the technology worldwide, but with other products from Amazon reaching the UK, I have no doubt this innovation will be a success. 

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