May 19, 2020

Amazon launches Amazon Storefronts to champion small and medium-sized businesses

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Amazon launches Amazon Storefronts to champion small and medium-sized businesses
Amazon has officially launched its new online store, Storefronts, an exclusive platform for small and medium-sized businesses that sell through Amazon
In a press release dated 17 September, Amazon detailed the features of its latest online platform and championed the importance of small businesses to its success.
Storefronts displays a range of different products on its homepage segmented into “Curated Collections” which include typical product categories such as books, jewelry, travel, and toys and games.
Also highlighted is Amazon’s selected “Storefront of the Week”, placing a US business in the spotlight via “a fun video to help introduce the many faces and types of businesses that customers are shopping from on Amazon Storefronts”.
For its inaugural Storefront of the Week, Amazon has simultaneously launched its first national TV advertising campaign focused solely on a small US business, with that enterprise being Little Flower Soap Co.
“We believe that customers like to know the story behind what they’re buying,” said Holly Rutt, co-founder of Little Flower Soap Co.
“Where there is worry about creating jobs, it’s reassuring for customers to know their purchases are helping sustain jobs in the U.S”.
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The press release noted that “small and medium-sized businesses selling on Amazon are estimated to have created more than 900,000 jobs worldwide”.
Storefronts also features a “Meet the Business Owner” section, a “rolling exploratory feature that profiles U.S. small and medium-sized businesses selling on Amazon”.
“We’ve created a custom, one-stop shopping experience for customers looking for interesting, innovative and high quality products from American businesses from all across the country”, said Nicholas Denissen, vice president for Amazon.
Half of all items sold on Amazon are from small and medium-sized businesses, according to the press release.

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