May 19, 2020

Amazon is set to compete with sportswear giants

Amazon sportswear
Catherine Rowell
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Amazon is set to compete with sportswear giants

Not to be outdone in any area within business, Amazon is set to take on the powerhouses such as Lulemon and Nike with the release of their new sportswear range, further cementing their position within various markets, alongside their reputation for high quality customer services, efficiency and successive results.

The company dominates several markets, and is sure to therefore cut into the sales of traditional apparel stores which have previously had solid consumer bases against the rise of the digital consumer market which has become an increasing powerhouse.

Despite certain disadvantages which traditional stores can offer, such as trying on various sizes, Amazon Prime offers delivery the very next day and solid customer reviews, which are not yet part of the traditional consumer process. These advantages for Amazon have proved attractive for consumers ‘on the go’ or needing a product delivered rapidly, with the assurance and recommendations of customer reviews.

To ensure the new range becomes an instant success and appeals not just in design but efficiency, it has been confirmed that Amazon is not only hiring individuals to help sell the line, but has bought on fashion experts on board, such as Julie Gilhart, Barneys New York Fashion Director, according to Business Insider. Amazon has also sponsored New York men’s fashion week to ensure both male and female lines become successful.

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