May 19, 2020

Apple are to expand into India’s smart phone market

Apple in India
Catherine Rowell
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Apple are to expand into India’s smart phone market

With the aim to grow their market-base in India, Apple are meeting with government officials in India to discuss a potential collaboration in the production and manufacturing of smartphones within Bangalore.

In 2016, Apple sold over two million iPhones in India, at which the company are beginning to make a play within the market. However, at present Apple have not even made the top five bestselling phone list in India, according to a report by Tech Crunch.

India is known to have one of the fastest smartphone markets in the world, so it would no doubt be a smart move for Apple to increase their market presence within the country and become a key player against Indian and Chinese phone competitors which dominate the market, such as Samsung and Xiaomi.

Production of Apple phones within the country will ensure products become cheaper and more accessible to consumers and make the company look more attractive to buyers. Back in December, the Times of India reported that the factory would be built in collaboration with Wistronm a Taiwan manufacturer, yet this is yet to be confirmed.

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