May 19, 2020

The August issue of Business Chief Canada is now live!

Quebec City
Simon Fraser University
Amber Donovan-Stevens
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The August issue of Business Chief Canada is now live!
Welcome to the August issue of Business Chief Canada...

Welcome to the August issue of Business Chief Canada! 

Simon Fraser University takes center stage in this month’s edition. We find out how the university’s Sustainability Office is coordinating measures to regenerate the planet, improve human health and emphasise social justice. 

“Sustainability work is about understanding how to make better decisions based on a strong understanding that humans are a part of nature not outside of it,” says Candace Le Roy, Director of Sustainability at the university. “We need to learn from, respect, and apply indigenous ways of knowing and leave no one behind. This means constantly being aware of the interconnections between ecology, politics, economics, and social inequities. “ 



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Leveraging technology such as AI in the form of Oscar, an AI-powered visual sorting system for refuse, the organization is finding avenues to further its sustainability goals, as Kayla Blok, Manager of Campus Sustainability, explains: “Our hope is that it will help our operational as well as sustainability goals by creating targets to improve waste management at the campus.” 

Our City Focus this month finds us exploring Quebec City, the capital of Quebec province, sampling the blend of historical pedigree and a high-tech video game industry. 

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Enjoy the issue!

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