AWS transforms the moving/monitoring of perishable goods

By Georgia Wilson
AWS set to transform the moving and monitoring of perishable goods, as part of its partnership with Carrier Global Corporation...

In an announcement made by AWS the company has partnered with Carrier Global Corporation to transform the moving and monitoring of perishable goods. 

“Carrier and AWS are tackling the complexity and fragmentation of the cold chain to give supply chain customers the transparency, flexibility, and insights they require to reduce risk and deliver food, medicine, and vaccines when and where they’re needed,” commented Sarah Cooper, General Manager, IoT Solutions at Amazon Web Services, Inc. 

“This project, which combines Carrier’s cold chain expertise with AWS’s digital experience and unparalleled portfolio of services, highlights how entire industries stand to benefit from digital transformation through increased efficiency, reduced costs, and greater dependability.”

In the announcement AWS, has entered into a multi year agreement to co develop Carrier Global Corporation’s Lynx digital platform. The suite of tools provided by the platform will offer customers enhanced visibility, increased connectivity and actionable intelligence across their cold chain operations.

By combining AWS’s IoT analytics and machine learning services, with Carrier Global Corporation’s refrigeration and monitoring solutions, Lynx will extend the current digital offerings for managing the temperature-controlled transport and storage of perishables. The benefits of Lynx include: end-to-end tracking, real-time alerts, automated processes, and predictive analytics.

“Carrier is committed to delivering a healthier, safer, and more sustainable cold chain. Through this collaboration with AWS, we are developing a uniquely powerful ecosystem to give our customers greater flexibility, visibility, and intelligence across the cold chain,” commented David Appel, President, Carrier Refrigeration. 

“The Lynx platform will help our customers make faster, data-driven decisions to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of their supply chains. This digital solution will enhance connectivity across the cold chain, decreasing delays for cargo that is critical to global health and well-being, while reducing cargo damage, loss, and unanticipated costs.”

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