Beat your competition to SMS marketing success

By Adam Groff

You should not be surprised that a number of nightclubs all across Canada are turning to SMS marketing to get the word out about their venues.

With SMS marketing, clubs of all kinds are better able to send promotions and other offers to their ideal customers.

Here are just a few ways Canadian nightclubs just like yours are reaching out to customers using SMS marketing:

Special event alerts

If your nightclub has a special event coming up, there's no better way to get the word out than with a well-timed text. SMS marketing allows you to send a text alert a few days in advance or the day of your special nightclub event.

To make sure your attendees keep up with your SMS marketing campaigns, you can offer them special deals just for subscribing to your text messages.

For example, you can offer free or reduced price admission to nightclub customers who respond to your special event texts.

Getting social with SMS marketing endeavors

You can also pair your SMS marketing efforts with social media by posting your SMS codes on top social sites.

Not only do social media sites like Facebook increase your SMS campaigning exposure, they also make it possible to put all kinds of nightclub content on display.

For example, you can take pictures at your next nightclub event and post your photos on Facebook with an SMS call to action underneath. This could be a simple short code or a prompt asking your followers to text "blank" to "blank" for more information on your club.

As the following article looks at, to truly add rocket fuel to your club promotion with SMS marketing and social media, make sure you post some great photos.

Pictures of people having fun and going wild on the dance floor will quickly grab the attention of the social masses.

In-club promotions

Getting customers in the door is one thing, but making sure they stay late into the night is another challenge altogether. That's why your nightclub should feature SMS promotions right there in your club.

You can put up flyers in different areas of your club that offer free drink coupons for customers who respond to your shortcodes. Likewise, if you have flat screens in your nightclub, you can feature SMS campaigns onscreen as well.

Just make sure your in-club marketing campaigns come with an immediate reward for participating.

Nobody wants to respond to a shortcode for a free drink just to receive a mobile coupon that's only valid on a future visit.

SMS surveys

To make sure your nightclub is the best after hours spot in town, consider sending your customers SMS surveys. SMS surveys give your nightclub the opportunity to find out exactly what your customers think about your venue.

You can ask your customers what they like most about your club, what improvements can be made, and how you can make their club experience more enjoyable.

Show those who participate a little love by sending them a drink coupon or free entry pass at the conclusion of the SMS survey.

When you're ready to take your nightclub marketing to new heights, consider some of the benefits of SMS.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including SMS marketing and nightclub promotions.

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