Billion-Dollar Branding

By Bizclik Editor

by Honey Parker and Blaine Parker

This book is the antidote to everything that is wrong with the plethora of marketing books....The thing that kept pulling me back was their very direct confrontation of the status quo…They challenge your fear and ego and you won’t like it one bit. ~~ from the Foreword by Dave Lakhani, Author of Persuasion: The Art of Getting What You Want & How To Sell When Nobody’s Buying (and how to sell even more when they are)

“Do it right, it can make you giddy, make you scared, even make you cry,” says Honey Parker, co-author (with husband Blaine Parker) of Billion-Dollar Branding: Brand your Small Business Like A Big Business And Make Great Things Happen. When the brand is right, you’ll feel the emotional click.

“People buy emotionally,” according to Blaine, “then justify the decision intellectually.” Leading with bullet points and price points is cold. Give them a juicy emotional center for your brand and you’re on your way to successfully branding your business. The key part of the process is understanding that brand is the one way you want people to feel about your business.

Billion-Dollar Branding trashes what the Parkers call The Big Lie: branding is not for small business. The simple truth is any small business owner who understands brand can make his business more potent, more profitable, and more fun to operate. Honey has worked at almost every big ad agency you can name. Blaine has created advertising for hundreds of small businesses you’ve never heard of. Together, they explain brand in easy to understand terms, using big national brands as examples, and some of their own small business clients as case studies. They offer usable advice with humor. The subtitle says it all: brand your small business like a big business and make great things happen.



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“Brand is the single most misunderstood concept in marketing,” emphasizes Blaine, “We explain it in clear and simple terms, and all kinds of business people—from Fortune 50 CEOs to internet marketers—tell us they’re bowled over.” In Billion-Dollar Branding, the Parkers show you how to work toward, and achieve, the all too elusive brand as they share:

  • What exactly is a brand?
  • Why brand scares the heck out of people
  • The power of story in your brand
  • Why branding doesn’t require big size, big money or even any advertising
  • The ‘Brand, Rinse, Repeat’ philosophy
  • Brand is about hard work, fear and loathing

“Brand is not about spending money. Brand is a way of thinking about your business,” explains Honey. “It’s about building relationships. You don’t make friends by using bullet points and price points. You do it by making people like you and care about you. Build the right brand, and you can rule the world.”

Honey Parker and Blaine Parker operate Slow Burn Marketing from the Mountaintop Marketing Fortress overlooking Park City, UT where they help clients from around the world. Honey’s extensive agency client list has included Honda, Lexus, Parker Bros, NBC, UNICEF and DIRECTV. Blaine is a self-proclaimed ad geek. He’s spent the better part of the past 20 years bringing Big Advertising thinking to small business marketing. His most notable position is his 11 years as a Creative Director at the Salem Communications flagship radio group in Los Angeles. He is also a nationally recognized voiceover performer and can be heard from coast to coast on radio and TV. His clients have ranged from AAA to State Farm. Both Honey and Blaine have worked as stand up comedians, and have been invited to speak about branding from Los Angeles to Singapore.


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