May 19, 2020

Boost Your Business 2015--The event that can help all businesses grow

Boost Your Business
Cutter Slagle
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Boost Your Business 2015--The event that can help all businesses grow

Are you currently searching for different ways to help your business grow? When it comes to running a company, you are most likely already aware of how important it is to market your product. After all, if you’re not effectively reaching your target audience, then how do you expect to earn a profit and become successful?

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The Director of Small Business, Facebook Jonathan Czaja recently held a seminar in San Diego, California—Boost Your Business 2015. This global event was held with the assistance of MailChimp, Shopify, Visa, Zenefits and Mari Smith. Together, small businesses were taught how to achieve goals via new marketing tips and solutions. In short, the Boost Your Business with Facebook event was all about how you can connect with the consumer!

Though this particular seminar was held in San Diego, a prior event was held in Canada. And more so, these Facebook tips are sure to help any business—no matter where it happens to be located!

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What can Facebook do for your business?

Detailed at the event mentioned above, Facebook has new tools to help businesses grow and find consumers. Specifically, Facebook now offers a new online chat support that allows one-on-one care. There is now a “Get Help” button where advertisers can chat and screen share with trained ads specialists.

Furthermore, the event detailed how more and more businesses are turning to Facebook to help their companies grow. Interestingly enough, the Boost Your Business 20015 event revealed that a total of 40 million businesses are currently on Facebook.

Because Facebook boats an audience of 936 million daily active users on average, having a Facebook page for your specific company isn’t only smart, but a necessity.

Other new and improved Facebook tools that are helping businesses grow include Ads Manager App, tools for creating professional ads that are full of quality and various types of online support.  

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Jul 5, 2021

CGI: Driving local solutions with global expertise

City of Mesa
3 min
Embrace digital transformation and infuse it with a spirit of agility, says Aleta Jeffres, CGI Vice President Consulting Services

Embrace digital transformation and infuse it with a spirit of agility, is the message to the public sector from Aleta Jeffress, CGI Senior Vice President Consulting Services.

“We partner with clients to drive value and innovation,” said Jeffress who has been working with the US City of Mesa, AZ on their digital journey for their local citizens.

Founded in 1976, CGI is one of the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world. It is insights-driven and outcomes-based to help accelerate return on investments. CGI operates across 21 industries in 400 locations and provides scalable and sustainable services that are informed globally and delivered locally.

“We have expertise in developing and executing strategies to help companies transform their IT to align with the business through cloud strategies, application rationalization, modernization and outsourcing,” said Jeffress speaking from the Denver CGI offices.

“Digital change can be exhausting, but take the opportunity to embrace it and look for new opportunities,” said Jeffress who pointed out projects should have a sense of agility and specific focus on the end-user.

“This can be a big culture change for some clients but by making sure your implementations are not a big bang theory but you can take smaller chunks which you’re able to do over and over again as it's just going to continue to evolve,” she said.

Informed globally and delivered locally

Commenting on CGI’s partnership with the City of Mesa, Jeffress said: “We are providing a solution that has a lower cost of ownership and helps them streamline business processes and helps increase efficiency. 

“The City sought a single source of truth for their ERP business processes. With CGI Advantage, they found a partner in their digital transformation journey with a configurable, unified solution that supports their HR, financial management, and performance budgeting business processes.  

“With CGI Advantage, the City is working with a single source of truth that lowers total cost of ownership, streamlines business processes, and increases efficiency - additional benefits include: 

• A decrease in customizations and staffing requirements resulting in faster upgrade cycles. 

• Empowering HR resources to focus on strategic efforts by removing the need for manual and duplicate data entry. 

• Increased accuracy with reporting. 

• Process improvements shifting from customized or paper-based processes to automated processes. 

• Increased pay transparency and accuracy by leveraging process improvements and configurable support 

A trusted partner 

CGI is a company that focuses very intently and very intentionally on delivery - that is something that really sets us apart,” said Jeffress. 

“We have an internal process where we meet with clients twice a year to ask a specific set of questions. How our clients answer those questions allows us to be sure we are aligned and can be a trusted partner with all of our clients.”

“As an international company, we can provide key resources when our clients need it in a very timely manner,” she said.

Reflecting on the challenges posed by COVID-19 Jeffress said there had been a true evolution in technology services.

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