Businessfriend Offers Effective Tools to Improve Productivity

By Bizclik Editor


Businessfriend, an innovative networking platform, is a new online tool for the business professional. Offering a “business utility with a social identity” (BUSI), Businessfriend expects to be the next big thing in productivity.

The network got its start as a rudimentary idea from the mind of Glen White, a professional who has seen previous success in the digital marketing industry, who wanted to improve interactions between business professionals or “Businessfriends.” Instead of collecting each other’s business cards, White thought there should be a better way to keep in touch.

That initial idea, through help from VP Freddie Pierce, evolved into a site that offers common business tools that allow users the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with their network in ways unlike anything else offered. This is accomplished through their BUSI platform.

“Businessfriend came from a simple idea, but has emerged into an innovative product that has always focused on the user's needs. We wanted to create a website that wasn't limited to building your 'connections' but a network that allowed you to actually conduct business through,” said Phil Diehl, Marketing Manager, Businessfriend.

What is BUSI?

Businessfriend, through its BUSI platform, combines the familiarity of social media with innovative tools that allow professionals to connect and conduct business in their own distinct way on an international scale.

“BUSI simply came from recognizing what the platform provided. It was literally a business utility first with a social identity to help channel the tremendous opportunity that the Internet provided. When you put that together you get the initials but then you also get a positive spin on the relatively discouraging word “busy”. BUSI is now the epitome of balance, specifically work-life. Culture, which is probably the most important thing for providing business success, is fuelled by people with personalities who have the work ethic to make things happen,” explained Rhonda Marable, Public Relations, Businessfriend.

Strategic Growth

To provide professionals with the best tools, the network needs a strong community. This can be accomplished through strategic growth, which the Businessfriend team is focused on.

“We’re always projected for conservative member numbers. We’re looking at tens if not hundreds of thousands within the next year and hopefully growing millions on a five-year plan. But the membership numbers aren’t the main focus, the productivity is. If every professional found use through Businessfriend it would be phenomenal for the sake of the network while giving us impressive numbers. The global workforce is approximately three billion workers and there are about 10 million new college graduates entering every year. Shooting in the vicinity of those stars is always on the brain by advocating the opportunity of social,” said Marable.

Businessfriend is in its beginning stages, just recently going live to the global audience, but the company expects exponential growth opportunities supported by a strengthened product.

“Currently, we have approximately 2,000 members after launching our foundation in mid-February. By the end of 2013 we hope to attract 50-100,000 members,” said Marable.

Business Connectivity

Businessfriend isn’t only for business professionals but the businesses themselves as well. A Businessfriend corporate page allows companies to advertise services, communicate with fans, advertise new jobs and distribute their corporate message.

“Companies can make the most out of Businessfriend  by organizing their business and talent force with the utilities, marketing and provided brand presence with their pages, and cutting down on the time it takes to find talent with our recruitment solutions,” said Marable.


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