Canada's Torrid Love Affair With Social Media

By Bizclik Editor


Written by: Tami Jones

Canadians and Social Networking sites have been carrying on a torrid love affair for years, and the passion doesn’t appear to be waning.  Gone are the days when social media was designed to befittingly lure in the spring chickens of the younger years, Canadians spanning all generations are now using social media as a marketing accoutrement, a source of immeasurable entertainment, and as a mainstay of advanced communication. 

Social media trends are virtually the pulse of the Internet. The face of communication has been drastically altered in the last decade and it has provided Canadians the ability to connect with networks and communities in an instant.  As people increasingly work and live online, and as long as technology continues to make our lives easier and more productive, social media will continue to dominate the information superhighway.

Though nothing has the impact of a face to face meeting, social media has a reach that allows Canadians to expand their relationships outside of their geographic area.  It enables us to keep in constant touch with our audience and it turns a one way conversation into an interactive dialogue.

Did You Know…

  • At Facebook’s current growth rate, it will succeed the world’s population by 2014?
  • The vast majority of Canadians have a social networking profile and the usage of social networking sites is dramatically increasing?
  • There are currently more Canadians using Facebook than there are people living in New Zealand, Ireland, and Norway?
  • YouTube is watched by more Canadians than anyone else in the world?
  • Canadians out-tweet and visit Facebook more often than Americans?

So what does this all mean, and why do you care?  It means that Canadians are leading the way with their on-line prowess and that they’re expertly keeping up with the latest technologies and social media outlets.

Social media has arguably been the biggest shift since the industrial revolution.  Whether Canadians are using it for business or personal reasons, it’s important because it’s living and breathing.  It touches every facet of life from business, to politics, to art and activism.

Let’s face it: the social media craze in Canada is here to stay.  This doesn’t mean that we’re swapping out our real lives enjoying our friends, family, and the incomparable beauty offered by this great country to spend more time indoors watching videos or tweeting about the colour of the four walls surrounding us.  It just means that we’re managing our time more efficiently, so that we can take  more time to appreciate it, while building relationships that was never possible before.


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