Canadian companies drawing success from Facebook

By Bizclik Editor

By: Angie Mansfield

Facebook still reigns supreme in the social media world, so it's no wonder so many companies are building their own pages on the site.

Your business page on Facebook can either be a lead generator...or a big flop, turning into a wasteland. The difference is in how you interact with your followers, and the value you provide with your content.

Here are a few companies that have scored big with their Facebook pages:

Canada's Wonderland

This theme park "gets" social media.

Canada's Wonderland posts regularly, with updates on events, special ticket prices and promotions, and other content. Through it all, the park creates a fun, interactive atmosphere on the page, encouraging followers to participate.

One example of this is the park's posts surrounding its Halloween Haunt event. The park has posted regular updates about the event; including a large map of the park grounds with notable areas highlighted, and fun behind-the-scenes trivia (they used more than 750 gallons of fog fluid to create the spooky atmosphere).

Canada's Wonderland employees also respond to customer inquiries on the page, ensuring that fans feel like they're being heard.

Roots Canada

Retailer Roots Canada is another big Facebook success.

The company's clothing and accessories take center stage, with plenty of photos both with and without models.

Roots also posts frequent updates about promotions and discounts, drawing customers' attention to them with the use of large, bold photos and text.

Finally, the company does an excellent job of monitoring and responding to visitor comments -- one of the major requirements for building a successful page.

Nando's Canada

Nando's restaurant focuses on entertaining its visitors while promoting its products.

Using fun graphics, photos, and ads, Nando's keeps its name in front of customers and presents restaurant information in an engaging way.

The restaurant also runs contests on the page, and occasionally posts games (such as the 'Where's Barci?' feature, in which fans try to find the restaurant mascot in a crowded photo).

RBC Royal Bank

RBC Royal Bank is proud to show its community involvement on its Facebook page.

Through sponsored events such as We Day (an event for young Canadians, who earn their tickets through volunteering in their communities), the bank helps establish itself as a leader and a responsible company.

Their Facebook page is a hit, thanks to the bank's understanding of creating relationships and holding conversations with customers. They post polls and questions (such as a recent question about whether couples would consider opening a joint checking account), and then respond to customer comments.

By answering questions brought up by their polls, as well as quickly addressing customer concerns, RBC Royal Bank builds a strong connection that turns those customers into loyal fans.

These companies show that a successful company Facebook page is about more than promoting your own products.

In order to successfully turn it into a profitable tool for your business, you need to add value for your followers. That value can be in the form of education, entertainment, or just an easy method for contacting you.

Following the examples set by these Canadian companies, you can increase the odds of turning your own business page into another Facebook success.

About the Author: Freelance blogger Angie Mansfield covers a variety of subjects for small business owners. From business growth to marketing to business reputation management, her work will give you tips to keep your business running smoothly.


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