Canadian companies know why mobile coupons matter

By Adam Groff

Companies all across Canada are using mobile coupons to attract new customers and keep loyal ones coming back.

From discounts on specialty items to promotions on products and services, going mobile with coupons is a step in the right marketing direction.

With hand-held bargains in mind, here are a few ways Canadian businesses like yours are benefiting from mobile coupons:

Canada's Mobile Market

Major companies in Canada are quickly jumping on the mobile coupon train.

From Air Canada to Hertz of Canada to L.L. Bean Canada, companies of all sizes are using mobile coupons to keep their mobile customers in the mood to shop. Considering Canada's mobile market is on the rise, it's no surprise mobile coupons are taking off.

In fact, according to Catalyst Research, a whopping 55% of Canadians own a smartphone and use it regularly.

Of that percentage, 70% have searched for information on products while in-store shopping. Additionally, 32% of shoppers use their smartphone to compare prices while shopping.

A mobile environment like this is ripe for mobile coupons, which is why Canadian businesses are taking advantage of everything mobile coupons have to offer.

Building a Coupon Database

Mobile coupons are effective, but only if you know which coupons to offer.

So, the question is with the following article, what kind of mobile coupons do your customers want?

Well, by building a mobile coupon database, you can keep track of which customers respond to which coupons.

By tracking the coupon redemption histories of your customers, your business can get a better idea of the effectiveness of each offer.

With a coupon database, you can send coupons to customers who are most likely to redeem them and come up with new ways to make coupons more interesting to those customers who are less likely to redeem.

Increased In-Store Sales

Traditional coupons are old news, especially in this on-the-go day and age.

Mobile coupons on the other hand offer the anywhere deliverability that today's shoppers are looking for. With mobile coupons, your business can reach customers in the moment and in your store.

Even if they aren't planning on stopping in your store, a mobile coupon delivered at the right time might redirect customers to your business.

You can even send coupons that are only redeemable in-store, which increases both traffic and sales.

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Introducing the New and the Old

It's difficult to put new products and services in the spotlight. With mobile coupons, you can introduce new products by delivering new product promotions directly to your consumers' mobile devices.

Mobile coupons also help your business move products that maybe aren't selling.

By sending out mobile discounts on overstock items or products that didn't meet sales expectations the first time around, you can breathe new life into your stagnant inventory.

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Customer Loyalty

Canadian businesses just like yours are using mobile coupons to increase customer loyalty.

By sending exclusive coupons to regulars and one-time customers, you can increase customer retention and keep your main spenders coming back for more.

When it comes to customer outreach in Canada, mobile coupons are definitely finding their place.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including marketing and mobile technology

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