Is Data Turbocharging Your Marketing Efforts?

By Adam Groff

Data gives your business unparalleled marketing insights, but only if it's integrated and analyzed correctly.

Businesses all across Canada are using data integration tools to take their marketing to all new heights.

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With masterful marketing in mind, here are just a few ways Canadian businesses are using data integration to their advantage:

Successful Marketing in Canada

The key to successful marketing is coming up with a campaign that's based on past and current customer data. Data can help businesses of all kinds easily target their audiences, whether niche or not.

A number of businesses in Canada have had successful marketing runs that have sky-rocketed them into the consumer spotlight.

Among them:

• The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada recently released its Make Health Last campaign, which shows Canadians where there health could be in 10 years. The marketing campaign includes an interactive health assessment for visitors, which is helping the foundation gather more information on its audience.

• Labatt Breweries of Canada created a marketing contest where visitors could audition their local bar to be in the next nationwide Labatt Brewery commercial. The marketing campaign was so successful; it received more than 70,000 auditions and tons of social media attention.

• The Ministry of Health, based in Ontario, began a social media campaign that compared "social cigarette smoking" to other habits like nose picking and nail biting. Poking fun at what's socially accepted, this marketing campaign received over 2 million views on YouTube.

Although the marketing examples above are very different, they all have one thing in common: data integration.

Types of Data Integration

As the following article looks at, before you figure out how data integration tools can turbocharge your marketing and business promotions, you must first understand the types of data integration. Manual integration and common user interface require a lot of work on the business's part, which is why they aren't as popular.

Many of today's integration techniques use applications to locate, retrieve, and integrate data automatically.

There's also the data warehousing approach, which extracts data from all the data storage sites your business intends to integrate.

Fortunately, data integration tools make this highly technical process much easier.

Data integration tools can help your business and other businesses in Canada improve the accuracy of their data through validation, anomaly identification, and analytics. With the right data integration tools, data synchronization becomes a breeze.

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Marketing Benefits of Data Integration

As mentioned before, a growing number of Canadian businesses are using data integration to improve their marketing efforts.

Why? Well, for starters, data integration makes tracking marketing revenue much easier by measuring spending and sales data and determining how these numbers affect the overall ROI.

In addition, data integration allows for marketing that's more targeted to consumer groups.

Because data integration tracks behavioral information and other characteristic data, businesses can send marketing campaigns to specific customers based on their interests and purchase histories.

When it comes to turbocharged marketing, your business and other Canadian companies should take full advantage of data integration.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including online marketing and big data

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