May 19, 2020

Dell Buzz Room, a new hub for social media

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Dell Buzz Room, a new hub for social media

Dell launched The Dell Buzz Room earlier this week, which is a new and unique way to connect with customers on Facebook, with their new OneSpot technology. The Dell Buzz Room Facebook app shares top and trending news, tweets, videos and photos in sectors covering social media, mobility, environment, education, healthcare and cloud computing.

According to the release: “Facebook is no longer one-to-many: it’s many-to-many, where members are inundated with so many status updates, links, and messages, it’s easy for content and messages to get lost in the stream. While most brands find it difficult to connect to Facebook fans beyond the initial “like” click, The Dell Buzz Room draws fans back to the app and its brand page, connecting with customers beyond their purchase.”

The company believes that by delivering top targeted content in the Buzz Room and updates, Dell will increase its visibility to customers and fans. The Dell Blog tells users how the app works:

Enter the Buzz Room through our Home tab on both our main Dell Facebook page and Dell for Business Facebook page. Once you’ve arrived, click on the color-coded boxes on the top panel of the application to choose your category and your content below will automatically update. Sources include Twitter, top blogs, top online news sites, Dell content sites as well as related photos and video from sites like Flickr and YouTube.

Just by looking at the home page of the Buzz Room, it looks like a simple way to get the bits and pieces of the top breaking news, in one screen, with as little clutter as possible. For more information, visit


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