Disney's Moana highlights the brand's Smart-Packaging Initiative

By Sumit Modi

Disney has become one of the well-known brands throughout the world, at which they have launched their Smart-Packaging Initiative (SPI) to lead the way in encouraging further businesses to find alternatives which utilise recyclable materials.

The company became the first within the toy industry to adopt such an ‘environmentally friendly’ stance towards their packaging, which took approximately six years to develop. Adam Gendell, Sustainable Packaging Coalition Associate Director told Toy & Hobby Retailer, “Disney is rising to the challenge by reinventing its long-standing practices to set a new standard across its industry that is not only more sustainable but that will inform what generations of children will expect of packaging and its environmental impact.”

Other large toy companies, such as Mattel and the Lego Group are beginning to utilise smart packaging created by Disney, who partnered with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition to ensure any sustainable packaging would incorporate maximum environmental benefits with regards to recycling and long-term performance, whilst reducing overall costs.

Candela Montero, Director, Corporate Citizenship, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, informed Forbes, “One of the most exciting features of the SPI is that it provides dynamic design guidance that helps reduce a package’s impact over its entire lifecycle. We’re thrilled that the SPI is being embraced by our partners and the industry, and believe its potential to make toy packaging better for the environment—and easier for parents—is huge.”

The release of Walt Disney Animation Studios new film Moana has bought Disney’s achievements to light, with the launch of the Moana doll, where the packaging used is 70 percent recycled materials and utilises inks which are vegetable based. All non-environmentally friendly adhesives have also been eliminated, with the eradication of any glue sticking materials which would go against environmental objectives.

The packaging for the Moana doll also appeals to children, where it can be transformed into a boat, making the process increasingly enjoyable for consumers. Luis Fernandez, Senior Vice President, Central Creative, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media said, “Everything at Disney starts with storytelling, even our toy packaging. By combining Disney magic and our smart packaging principles, we created a package that's not only better for the environment, but also a way to continue Moana’s story.”

Image source: Flickr - Melissa Hillier

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