Does My Business Need Twitter?

By Bizclik Editor

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By: Amy Morin

Many small business owners wonder whether or not they really need a Twitter account.

Twitter can be a great way to attract new customers and retain current customers without spending a dime.

Attract Customers

Setting up a Twitter account can help people discover your business. Set up a profile that showcases what your business is all about.

Twitter can help customers who are specifically doing research on your business. Perhaps they’ve heard about you and want to see what you’re all about. They might check out Twitter to see if you have an account.

It can also help you attract people who are looking for a product or service without a specific company in mind. Use keywords to attract those people to your Twitter account.

Connect with Other People

Twitter can be a great way to connect and network with important people. Join conversations with other businesses and you’re likely to attract some new customers.

Twitter can also be a great way to spy on your competitors. See who they’re talking to, what their tweets look like and check out how they’re using Twitter for their business.

See What People are Saying About Your Business

Twitter can be a great way to gain a lot of word of mouth publicity. If customers like your business or service, they’re likely to tell people about it.

Keeping an eye out for what people are saying about you can also be helpful if you’re getting some negative publicity. If you’re receiving complaints or less than favorable reviews, use Twitter to reach out to customers and do some damage control.

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Provide Customer Service

Many companies these days are using Twitter for customer service. Customers may not have time to pick up the phone to call with a question, but they may have a minute for a quick tweet.

Respond to questions and comments quickly and you’ll likely get some satisfied customers.

Promote Your Blog

Twitter can be a great way to promote your other social media accounts. Tweet links to your blog, your Facebook page or even YouTube videos.

Twitter can drive a lot of traffic to your website as well. Ask engaging questions and provide customers with a short teaser that will make them curious enough to click on the link.

Connect with Local People

If you own a small business that only serves your local community, consider using Twitter as a tool to connect with people within the town.

Send out relevant tweets that help you connect with other local business owners and customers.

Monitor News and Trends

Twitter can help you stay up on your industry’s current news and trends. Follow important people in the small business world and use keywords to find information on the latest real-time news.

Even if you don’t plan to tweet regularly, consider setting up a Twitter account.

It’s a great way for people to discover your business and it can be a great research tool for you to learn about the market for your business.

About the Author: Amy Morin writes about psychology, business and successful business owners such as Steve Wynn.


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