May 19, 2020

Enel unveils first Canadian energy storage project

Algoma Orchards
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Enel unveils first Canadian energy storage project

Leading Italian energy manufacturing and distribution company Enel has announced that it has launched its first energy storage project based in Canada.

Enel signed an agreement with Ontario-based Apple company Algoma Orchards that will look to use the 1MW lithium ion battery storage system to optimise its battery usage during peak hours, allowing the company to benefit from significant energy savings.

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“The agreement we have just signed demonstrates the value of deploying flexible energy assets like battery storage systems to drive savings for C&I customers and improve the sustainability and reliability of the electricity grid for all consumers,” said Francesco Venturini, Head of Enel X. 

By Enel deploying its DEN.OS software to power the battery, enabling Algoma Orchards to better participate in Ontario’s demand response programme – an initiative aimed at helping Canadian companies to better manage their electricity costs.

“As battery costs continue to decline, we look forward to developing many more projects like the one at Algoma Orchards that leverage our best-in-class DEN.OS optimisation software to deliver savings for customers through tailored commercial offerings,” Venturini continued.

The agreement will see Enel purchasing, installing and operating the battery storage system on behalf of Algoma Orchards.

“The additional energy storage system is going to assist us in reducing our carbon footprint, something that all of our employees are proud of,” said Kirk Kemp, President and Algoma Orchards.

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