Five Social Media Must-Dos for 2012

By Bizclik Editor


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Written by Carolyn Martin

Connecting through Social Media is all about highlighting who you are and creating a picture for others to be able to see more of you than your job title.  People connect with people through common ground.  The way they learn whether you’re in alignment is by learning about your character, passion, hot buttons, causes, and your life’s extension.  Your social profiles paint those pictures of yourself, your business, and your staff.  

Here’s a checklist for 2012 with the minimum of what you should be doing on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.

1. Profile Pictures: On LinkedIn, you want your picture to represent what you do for a living.  Take the time to have your photo taken.  On Facebook, a casual photo that displays your passion is perfectly acceptable.  On Twitter, you’re like a broadcaster serving up news (I think a face shot works well).  If you’re a business, then a company logo works well on Facebook and Twitter, but the power of a face behind the business is a great benefit.  Make sure to post business pictures of your staff, office, and events.

2. Create a headline that represents YOU, not just a Job Title: On a Facebook business page, take the time to think through your “about” message so it captures the reader and clearly states what it is you do for a living. On LinkedIn, your headline should be exciting and outline your talents or what you practice vs. your title. 

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3. Personalize your links: LinkedIn and Facebook allow you to pick the name of your URL for your profile.  Make sure to take advantage of this element so you can steer people to the link easily.  There are other links that can be customized.  On LinkedIn, you can customize your blog and web links.  Don’t call them “My blog” or “My website,” but give them a descriptive idea of what each page offers.

4. Create Custom Landing Pages: This is a wonderful way to look different and really show off your brand.  Invest in a landing page and create custom tabs that provide ways to stay connected with your community.

5. Key Word Descriptions: SEO-friendly words in your descriptions are also helpful so you can increase the likelihood of being found in an organic search.  Finish your LinkedIn with a great tag line; add key words in your posts to Twitter and Facebook.

About the Author: Carolyn Martin is the Founder of Social Media Demand. The company focuses on providing digital marketing solutions. They create campaigns and promotions for their clients on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For more information, go to


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