Four important online marketing trends for 2014

By Monika Götzmann

By: Gregg Schwartz 

In this highly competitive world, achieving any marketing success depend hugely on responding to cultural and consumer trends. Internet marketing is constantly evolving. Keeping up with web design and social media trends can only prevent your website from dropping down the search engine ranks. 

Many companies face a dilemma today as there are so many trends introduced to promote and manage the products online. However, a basic market research can provide you a clear understanding of future direction of product or service platform. It’s a time where you can build your own crowd and increase the sales without paying the mass media gate keepers.

Some of the hottest trends that will continue to dominate this niche in 2014 are as follows:

1. Content Marketing continue to rule:  A valuable content through a variety of channels has always helped companies to establish authority and to gain trust with consumers. This includes relevant industry information that provides insight or entertainment to an audience. A strategy for high quality content makes the difference between appearing on Google’s page one review and disappearing from your customer’s view.  Indeed, it is the foundation of all digital marketing and this is the reason why people read, view and share.

2. Social Media Marketing will be bigger than ever: Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have attained a cult status. Millions of users subscribe these sites on daily basis. Smart marketers will optimize the power of social media platforms to generate more business in 2014.

However, it is also realized that promoting brand on social media sites is extremely complex. You need to invest a considerable amount of time to get the most from your campaigns. A research report indicates that marketers who spend 40 hours or more for social media marketing carry out their campaigns strongly through You Tube, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. Also, forum marketing has decreased to 16% this year.

3. Mobile Friendly Content will be necessity: The moment when every business thought their web design was finally perfect, all the users went mobile. The rapid rise of smart phones and tablets led many marketing managers to develop a mobile friendly content. It is predicted that mobile browsing will soon overtake desktop computers and laptops as the most common way to search and buy products online. If mobile users are your target, make sure you have put most eye-catching headlines or images at the top of the page. Remember, people want pages to load quickly and they don’t like to scroll around to find information they need. By having a responsive website, you can grab the attention of the viewers and to stop them at your page.

4. Image-Based Content: Due to the increasing number of advertisements, it is extremely important to make content more easy and digestible. Ever if you have looked at social media sites like Buzzfeed and Pinterest, you might have noticed the viral potential of their image-based content. Even blog posts that receive most social shares have the same characteristic. They place the pictures in a good way to break the content up and emphasize certain points. Hence, it’s pretty clear that incorporating images is beneficial to a marketing campaign.

Author’s Bio: Gregg Schwartz is an accomplished Internet marketer for the past decade. He helps many businesses to increase their revenue by search engine optimization and lead generation services. He continues to find new and innovative ways to earn money from Internet enterprises.





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