Four Internet Marketing Firms Configure Digital Value

By Bizclik Editor


Canada’s leading internet marketing firms all tout various ways to improve a businesses’ internet placement. Four leading firms generate digital value through four, albeit similar, different methods.

Pitstop Media
Vancouver, BC

Pitstop Media professionals have extensive experience in direct marketing, Internet marketing and sales. The Company works with various types of businesses, ranging from small businesses with a $500 monthly budget to large corporations that spend roughly $1 million dollars annually on search marketing.


1. Pay Per Click: Pitstop Media’s PPC campaigns are characterized by years of experience in planning and implementing, statistical analysis of marketing campaign data. Pitstop is classified asYahoo Ambassadors and Google Adwords certified account managers.

2. SEO: Pitstop engages business in a multiphase audit and assesses websites for more than 50 SEO factors to identify opportunities to improve rankings and correct issues that could negatively impact a website.

3. Conversion Rate Optimization: Pitstop Media conceptualizes, designs, tests and measures the outcome of different variations of web pages to improve client’s website's goal completion rates. The Company uses Google Website Optimizer to statistically validate the tests.

4. Analytic Services: The web analytics team helps companies identify what visitors are doing on their websites and, based on the findings, advises how to improve conversion rates on the website. Common things analyzed include landing page performance, navigation details or bottlenecks in the registration process.

Vickers Media Group
Burlington, Ontario

Vickers Media Group was founded in 1996 and its clients range from small businesses, such as horse farms, to large corporations, such as banks. Vickers specialists are formally trained by leading educational institutions, such as Sheridan College, Ryerson University, The University of Toronto and York University.


1. Website Design: Web site design is step one for every internet marketing campaign. Each and every project is reviewed and a strategy is created, based on the needs of the company, the image they wish to convey and what will appeal to their customers.

2. Web Marketing: Vickers Media Group has experience listing and positioning, Internet advertising campaigns, and coordination with conventional means of advertising (brochures, newspaper and magazine ads, etc.) to generate traffic.

3. Website Management & Maintenance: Vickers services include the day-to-day maintenance (or headache) of website management, to business can focus on, well, business. The Company is quick to fix misspelled words, broken links and out-of-date email addresses.

4. Web Content Creation: More important than the look and feel is the message. Vickers works to understand clients, their business, their customers and their target demographic to capture a business's image correctly on the Internet.

Anduro Marketing
Calgary, Alberta

Anduro Marketing performs consultation and development via tailored products and services to maximize Online Marketing potential. The Company has assisted over 300 local and long distance clients in creating and executing successful Online Marketing strategies.


1. 10 Point Internet Marketing Inspection: The data produced includes results from testing for Search Engine Benchmarks and Blocks to Search Engines and is used to determine the effectiveness of a company's current website and its ability to market the company's products and services online.

2. Focus Content Pages: An alternative for websites that are not search engine friendly and incorporate technology such as some eCommerce shopping carts, dynamic page generation, Flash, or Frames, Focus Pages are static HTML pages that look very similar to websites and generate qualified, targeted traffic.

3. Link Building: The Company researches potential link source websites and use a proprietary assessment process to determine if the in-bound link is appropriate. Building back-links is one of the best ways to ensure that keywords are placed in the "anchor text," which is the visible text for a link on a Web page.

4. Social Media Marketing: Fosters user-generated content creation in a rich media environment to enhance exposure by word-of-mouth, increases in traffic, and an exponential amount of incoming links.

SIP Marketing
Winnipeg, Manitoba

SIP Marketing has been the forefront of Winnipeg Web Design and business optimization since 2002 and uses a unique combination of products and services focused around developing online presence and custom new media solutions for clients.


1. Content Management System: SIP offers a powerful enterprise content management system on a scalable, extensible high-performance platform that can be customized.

2. Applications: The Company develops new-to-the-scene touch-based applications for Apple iPhone, RIM BlackBerry and social networking websites to harness the mobile world.

3. Video Marketing: SIP has the capabilities to create quality videos that can be tagged, optimized and distributed across the web via a database of the top distribution sites for maximum exposure.

4. Email Marketing: SIP utilizes permission-based email marketing as a powerful advertising medium for clients. The company has over seven years of developing and managing email campaigns for a diverse range of clients.


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