May 19, 2020

Google, Lego named most reputable companies in Canada for 2018

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Google, Lego named most reputable companies in Canada for 2018

According to a new survey from Reputation Institute, Google is considered the most reputable company amongst Canadians for 2018, holding the top spot from last year’s rankings.

According to the report, based on the survey results of 27,000 Canadians, trust in business has fallen, whilst international companies operating in the country remain more trusted than their local counterparts.

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“While Canadians’ trust in companies has dropped nine points in the past year, the most reputable companies of 2018 are those that balance performance with purpose, conquering our hearts and minds by living up to their brand promise,” said Bradley Hecht, Senior Managing Director, Americas, at the Reputation Institute.

The results are based on seven key reputation-based metrics including products and services, innovation, workplace governance, citizenship, leadership and financial performance.

Alongside side Google, the top 10 most reputable companies feature LEGO, Rolex, Nintendo, MEC, Samsung, Sony, Jean Coutu, Goodyear and Walt Disney Company.

Most notable was the fall of Tim Hortons, down from 13th in 2017 to 67th this year, with one of Canada’s biggest brands being amongst the fastest fallers for the past 12 months.

“Authenticity really matters to Canadians, and we judge companies harshly when we don’t believe they live up to their stated values,” said Daniel Tisch, President and CEO of Argyle Public Relationships.

“The most reputable Canadian companies are almost nine points higher than their peers in perceptions of their corporate social responsibility – and it’s not surprising that they are widely perceived to be more genuine.”

For more, see the full 2018 Canada RepTrak rankings.

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