May 19, 2020

Google+ Said To Pull Ahead of Twitter

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Google+ Said To Pull Ahead of Twitter

We often speak to the importance of social media marketing as an essential piece to your marketing puzzle. Social platforms are an exceptional way to reach a broader audience with a personal touch. Consumers like to engage with their favourite brands and to know the brands they are passionate about are listening. Did you know that Canadians are the most active on social media than any other country? How is your business profiting from this virtually free sounding board?

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According to a Social Media Benchmarking Report done by B2B Marketing, 85 per cent of marketers surveyed chose Twitter as the number one social platform. LinkenIn was not far behind with 82 per cent of the vote, followed by YouTube at 77 per cent and Facebook at 71 per cent. They didn’t get forget about Google+, 36 per cent of marketers surveyed they choose Google+ as their number one social media marketing platform. 

Marketers suspect that Google+ will be the new Twitter a year from now. Check out this comprehensive infographic from B2B Marketing’s 2013 Social Media Benchmarking Report and keep an eye out for a post about preparing your company for Google+. 

Social Media Marketing Infographic

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