Is guest posting the right route for your marketing needs?

By Dave Thomas

How is your business marketing itself?

That can be a loaded question for some business owners, especially if they are running their own one-man or one-woman shows. With all that comes with running a company in this day and age, marketing can sometimes take a back seat for business owners, hopefully not you.

In order to get your brand properly marketed, it is important to cover a wide array of marketing tactics, something that does not have to be as hard to do as one might think.

Guest Posts Can Be Great for Traffic

One option that many business owners can turn to in promoting their respective brands is via guest posting.

If you’re a little out of touch with guest posting or guest blogging, it simply means having qualified writers provide you with copy on whatever topics cover your respective industry.

Let’s say you run an auto insurance business; having writers provide copy about where to find the best auto insurance at the best price, trends and changes in the auto insurance industry, and rules and regulations etc. in the industry are all good topics to cover.

When you go in search offinding the best guest blogging services out there, look for the following:

  • Credibility – First and foremost, you want a guest blogging service who is more than just your average provider. Are they very credible in your field? Can they write to your audiences, providing audiences with information they may not be able to get anywhere else? Will they help increase your website traffic by giving you copy that readers truly want? These are all things that truly do matter;
  • Reliability – If you’re going to farm-out your content marketing needs (specifically blog posts), you want a guest blogging service that is reliable. Running articles here and there truly won’t get it done. You need to have a steady stream of solid content, so make sure your provider can meet your needs and deadlines. No two guest blogging services are alike, so try out some different ones and see which one best meets your workload and affordability needs;
  • Socializing – One of the important keys to promoting your brand online is by turning to social media. Make sure those doing the guest blogging/posting for your brand will promote it on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others. In today’s information age, social media is more important than ever. While it is fine for you to be promoting your brand on social media, make sure those you work with to do guest blogging/posting for you are doing the same. Tweets and shares need to be done regularly, not here and there.


Given you have a website, there’s a fair chance that you are not fully utilizing it to max out its potential.

If you go the guest posting route, you improve your odds of having your brand recognized by more eyes, eyes that potentially can turn into paying customers.


About the Author: Dave Thomas writes about marketing your brand on the web.


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