HootSuite Releases Teams Tool for Corporate Social Media

By Bizclik Editor

HootSuite, the company that created the innovative social media management system, has now expanded that system with the HootSuite Teams tool. This Teams tool has been developed for the rapidly growing corporate social media scene, offering “an industrial grade solution for global enterprises and small businesses.”

Currently two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies have active users on the HootSuite dashboard, creating a new population of social media that requires more complex and collaborative capabilities than the existing HootSuite offers.

HootSuite Teams allows corporate social media managers to:

  • Plan social media campaigns months in advance with detailed scheduling features.
  • Powerful permission settings that limits who can post what to which networks-from the top CEO down to the summer intern.
  • Build social media teams intuitively and organically: by department, product line or region, it allows campaign to expand seamlessly as business teams grow.
  • Post messages to all social networks like Twitter, Facebook-no more signing in to multiple accounts
  • Approve and align all messages before posting with global, top-down controls.  
  • Assign incoming messages among team members for follow-up, keeping customer complaints from going viral.

HootSuite Teams offers “secure and scalable collaboration capabilities” that enables large and small businesses to manage and integrate social media into everyday processes so as to build up organically. Managers have control of scheduling, assigning, and vetting of messages—ensuring that ill-advised tweets like the Kenneth Cole Cairo tweet never get sent.

"This is a product that’s overdue and clearly needed. Social media used to be one intern,” says Ryan Holmes, HootSuite CEO and founder.  “Now it’s multi-million-dollar teams at the planet’s largest companies. Customers are asking for enterprise-grade support, and Teams is a powerful, intuitive solution.”

Check out how to change over to the HootSuite Teams system here

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