How important is an online presence for your business?

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If you’re currently running a business, then it’s important to learn the importance of having an online presence. According to the Canada Post, last year alone, 76 per cent of Canadians shopped online. Therefore, if you don’t already use the Internet to boost your company, you may want to start!

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In fact, the Canada Post reports that if you’re in the retail industry and you’re currently searching for a new sales motto, you should consider this one: “Ship It, or Lose it.” If you’ve been paying attention to recent trends, then this shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Shoppers want the convenience of being able to purchase items without leaving their house and then have those items delivered to their front door.

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So, what can those in the retail business learn from last year’s figure? Interestingly enough, out of the 76 per cent of Canadians who shopped online last year, a quarter has become frequent online shoppers. What does that mean exactly? Data from the Canada Post proves that that simply means these customers are buying items on the Internet four to 10 times a year. Therefore, if you want loyal customers who continue to come back, an online presence isn’t only smart—it’s a must! Even more so, the report has proven that shoppers don’t only enjoy the convenience of shopping online, but they will also buy products via the Internet that they necessarily wouldn’t have purchased while in the store.

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However, there has been one noticeable obstacle when it comes to having an online presence: getting packages to customers quickly. Consumers seem to want their items instantly (as if they were purchasing them at the store), but they generally don’t want to pay extra for faster shipping options.

To accommodate this challenge, stores such as Best Buy are giving their consumers more options for obtaining their options. For example, customers now have the option of picking up packages in parcel lockers inside stores or through depots that expedite the process.

Bottom line: an online presence could really aid your sales. However, it’s still important to practice customer satisfaction and come up with a method for shoppers to not only receive their purchased items, but to also receive them promptly.

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