How Social Media Analytics Can Improve Business Communications

By Bizclik Editor

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Written by Carolyn Martin

Have you defined your Key Performance Indicators?  Are you on target with what your audience is looking for?  

We all know measuring social media metrics is important. What is equally important is paying attention to the questions that are being asked when a user is organically searching for answers. If you have Google Analytics installed and are tracking your website, you’re already one step ahead of the game. If you have yet to use Google Analytics, install it and start paying attention to the behavior of your online audience. For instance, because of Analytics, we noticed that a new user found us by typing in: “How can social media tools and blogs enhance an organizations image?”

In effort to stay connected with our audience, we reply by first making a statement that “Social media is here to stay!”

With Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms reaching millions of global users, it’s time to invest and figure out how to leverage these tools for enhancing your business image, reputation, public relations, human relations and customer experience. The options are endless for using this medium.

Improving a brand’s image is always powerful, whether it is from a reputation management standpoint or just daily engagement with fans and followers. Corporate-managed blogs and business fan pages are the best way to stay in communication with avid fans and also address any complaints about customer service or the products itself.

At the same time, having business pages on social media sites also allows you to see what the market thinks or perceives about your brand. Have you unveiled a new product or service? In addition to taking the time out for a focus group, see what your current customers have to say about your product when they start commenting or retweeting about your brand.

It is true what they say: a customer who has a pleasant experience with a product or service will tell a few friends, but those customers who have a negative experience with a product or service will tell everyone.

Social media allows business owners to give a voice to public relations/communications by investing in their audience. Make note of what people are saying about your brand and leverage it to make improvements in all aspects of your company. Your business’ success can only be improved with social media – so long as you do it the right way.

About the Author: Carolyn Martin resides in Deerfield, Illinois and is a Social Media Strategist and Founder of Social Media Demand. Follow @CM_SocialMedia. For more information and to learn more about One-on-One Savvy Social CEO Training call 847.682.3611.


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